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Oil theft

It is known to all that employees of the Oil Sector are the highest paid ones in India. It is also observed that employees in the lower strata are also receiving hefty amounts including overtime. Let everyone get good salary, but the crux of the question is why even a fat salary can’t satisfy a person. Very often, we come across news about the theft of oil and other important costly parapherlia used in drilling of oil and iron. It also transpires from such news that most of the cases of theft take place with the blessings of some of the employees and officers of the oil establishment concerned (OIL or ONGC). Again, it is very often alleged that police also plays a vital role in helping the oil thieves. The allegation points out the accusing finger to some police officers who form an unholy nexus with the coterie of oil–thieves. It is unfortute that despite a strong security network maintained by oil companies, the theft continues ubated. The role of Police is always dubious, who are always eager to nestle their own house rather than attempting to b the culprits. Else, the theft causing loss of crores of rupees could have been easily nipped in the bud.

As our state machinery is a mute spectator to all the misdoings relating to oil theft which is tantamount to a huge tiol loss, it will be plausible that the central government should take the cudgel to ring down the curtain over the matter to harness the loss incurred.

Ashok Bordoloi,
Amolapatty, Dibrugarh.

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