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Appraising today’s youth

The youth today constitutes about a quarter of the world population. About 80% of the youth around the globe lives in developing countries which shows high potentials of human resource development at the global level. The immense capability that today’s youth holds in itself can be put to use for achieving both destructive as well as constructive goals.

For instance, in several countries there exists a high susceptibility of the youths being involved in carrying out terrorist activities on account of misapprehended ideologies, whereas there are many other countries which are utilising its youth for combating the evils of terrorism. In many developing tions, youth empowerment receives a lion’s share of its investment as they feel the empowerment of their youth is the only way to achieve their long term goals of social– economic, political, cultural and ethical development. Although the youth today is getting derailed from performing its much greater duty of serving the society and humankind altogether, yet their spirits can still be redeemed by inspiring them to remain steadfast in their ethics and moral conscience.

Thus Swami Vivekand very beautifully stated in one of his epic quotes on youth, “A tion is not to be judged by its weaklings called the wicked, as they are only the weeds which lag behind, but by the good, the noble, and the pure, who indicate the tiol life current flowing clear and vigorous.”

Sukanya Mukherjee,

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