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A Mini Guide On How To Be An Effective Parent

Boost their Self -Esteem

Praise their accomplishments, initiatives for good, etc. Keep telling them that sky is the limit only if they really want to do something.
Try to Understand their behavior
Figure out if your child is an introvert, extrovert or ambivert. A little bashfulness is okay for every child but those children who feel inferior and go through behaviourial inhibition (which can cause them anxiety disorders, and fright for faceing new situations) need your care and empathy.
Plan the Disciplines
Follow the rules that you ask them to follow. Show by examples. Set the limits for the activities and try to be consistent with your efforts towards making your child disciplined.
Spend Time on Them
Make sure you spare ample of time for them; to play; to talk; to do their chores or anything. Children need often seek their parents attention and care.
Handle Their Crisis Carefully
Never laugh out their problems and scold them for any mistake without knowing the grain of the situation. Talk to the kid first and try to understand. This will help them be truthful with you. Have a personal discussion for about 5-10 minutes with his or her teacher to know about their progress in the behavior.