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An Honour for Aaideu Handique

Dr Bhupen Hazarika Regional Government Film and Television Institute and ADDA, in association with the Jyoti Chitraban (film studio) Society, will confer an award to legendary Assamese artiste Aaideu Handique, who acted in the first Assamese movie, 'Joymoti'.

The institute and ADDA, a group of film buffs of the state, observed the actor's death anniversary for the first time at the Jyoti Chitraban studio recently.
This is the first time that such an initiative has been taken. Various eminent personalities have suggested that Jyoti Chitraban should start a film festival or a memorial lecture on Handique and also launch an award on her name so that the new generation could know about the actor and her contribution to Assamese cinema.
Former secretary of Jyoti Chitraban Dayaram Rajbongshi said, "Handique was the pathfinder of Assamese cinema but she was never given the due respect and honour." Rajbongshi lauded Jyoti Chitraban's initiative and said this must continue every year.
Handique began her career with 'Joymoti' when she was 16. She earned accolades for her performance but she had to go back to her village in Golaghat owing to societal prejudices.
Filmmaker Arup Manna said Handique had cinema in her blood. Manna made 'Aaideu', Handique's biopic, in 2000. The actor, who acted in her own biopic, died in 2002 at the age of 87.