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Saptanatak, A Collection of Plays

A collection of seven plays - Saptanatak, penned by celebrated playwright and theatre director Abinash Sarma was released formally at a function held at the Rabindra Bhawan, Guwahati, recently. The collection covers popular plays successfully staged on different platforms, mostly directed by the playwright himself. The plays include Nahanayate, Maya, Nihsanga Nayak, Hiyar Pung, Jolchabi and Bishoi Hobo Prem. It is to be noted that Jolchabi, highly acclaimed by the critics and viewers, is based on a highly acclaimed and widely read novel of the same name, with directorial adaptation by Abinash Sarma. This prolific playwright and theatre director is a much familiar name and can be reckoned with in the field of Assamese drama. Incidentally, there is a dearth of good Assamese plays in the printed format. In this regard, Saptanatak is a welcome endeavour and Sarma deserves praise for this venture.