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Some Reasons for Weight Gain -I

Body Type

A body type plays a critical role in weight gain. Those with a mesomorphic body type gain weight quickly, but they also lose it faster. But those with endomorphic body type gain weight quickly and need to work real hard to lose the same. If you have an endomorphic body type, work out regularly and eat a lot of green leafy vegetables.
Stress; be it at work or home, makes a person do emotional eating that results in weight gain. Stress induces the secretion of cortisol hormone, which increases appetite and make you choose junk food over healthy ones. Manage stress with meditation, yoga, acupuncture, music therapy, aromatherapy, therapeutic massages, cognitive behavioral therapy, etc. In extreme cases, consult a doctor.
The WHO’s study reveals that 350 million people of all ages, across the globe, suffer from depression. Depression is the leading weight gain in many people and so are the antidepressants.
Eat bananas. Bananas help in curbing depression. Push yourself to do what you like and things that make you happy, to avoid depression. Do some exercises instead of taking anti-depressants. Confide in a friend or in a diary. All of this will take the  pressure off your shoulder.
Thyroid Imbalance
The thyroid plays a significant role in a human being’s growth and metabolism. It produces three hormones, T3, T4, and Calcitonin.  T3 and T4 are actual thyroid hormones, and when these hormones are produced less, it leads to Hypothyroidism, which is characterized by weight gain as the metabolism slows down. If you have sudden weight gain, get your thyroid test done immediately. It can be treated by taking some medicines. One can also try some home remedies like consuming fewer simple carbs, and salt, and drinking fenugreek soaked water.
Unhealthy Eating Choices
Unhealthy foods contain high amount of sodium, artificial food color, transfats, and carbs. 
Though it tastes good, it puts your health at stake of being overweight, developing heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. Eating out very frequently or almost every day; or eating processed food more is another reason why you gain weight quickly. Prepare your meals at home at least five days a week. Shortcut way is to chop the veggies on weekdays and store them in zip lock bags. Avoid buying food items that contain high salt, simple carbs, and processed foods from the supermarket. 
Buy lean meat such as chicken breast, and fish. Some more helpful weight-cutter food items are citrus fruits, multi-grain bread, wheat pasta and noodle, green leafy veggies, celery, broccoli, quinoa, herbs, cinnamon, black pepper, almonds, lentils, eggs, fish oil, tofu, olive oil, fat-free milk, soy milk, and dark chocolate.