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Useful Apps & Websites


Here is an App that supports your adventure plans. Yonder comes as a blessing to anyone who loves to explore outdoor activities nearby. All you need to do is just enter your location. You will find a dozen of suggestions for the hiking, biking, skiing, and kayaking along with reviews and tips from the users. (Free; iOS and Android)
Even if you are conscious on every ounce of nutrients or calories that you consume, it 
is difficult to monitor and scale individual products while buying it from the grocer, plus
there are different additional processes involved like method of cooking and other
ingredients used. To keep you safe from this pain here is Ingredient1, an app that will simplify your life in a snap. 
Ingredient1's FoodID comes in handy, with a user-friendly interface. You will have to just answer a few questions about your typical or preferred diet. Start on!
Forgetting period dates has become quite normal these days. Clue is here to resolve
that problem. It tracks the menstrual cycle. It gives the user reminders before the next
period cycle begins. As Clue is designed in a way that it tends to find the unique patterns of your own menstrual cycle, it also offers useful insights for everyday life. This
app is more realistic in a manner that it doesn't use flowers, butterflies.. Never be  blindsided by your period again. Clue tracks your menstrual cycle,OFFERING 
reminders before your next period.  The unique patterns of your own cycle, it will provide valuable insights for your everyday life. The app's designers also promise
to never use flowers, butterflies, or any sort of euphemism, so that the user can face
her next period just like an adult. (Free; iOS and Android).
Start, is a great app that extends an arm to cure depression. Depression can occur to anyone for numerous reasons. What one needs to think is its intensity and how harmful can it become if not treated properly within the proper time frame. If you know somebody who is going through the bad phase of his or her life and is into depression, or if you yourself are the victim of depression, then install this app. It acts like a healer. Start includes a short test to analyze the level of depression, and also, has an array of programs that can track your progress and the side effects of the medications in case
you are taking any. It will give you important information about the person fallen a prey to the depression, to share with the doctors. (Free: iOS)
Chanakya Niti
This app is dedicated to Chanakya, the wisest of all ages. Chanakya Niti, contains thoughts of The Great Chanakya in bi-lingual mode (Hindi-English). This app contains quotes about: Life, Time, Truth, Politics, Directorship, Independency, Love, Nature and Black Money. You can share the same on other platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook. It has an user-friendly interface with easy navigation and zoom-in and zoomout features.
Your fun expenses will probably be highly spent on vacations. Here is a website that helps you ease while planning for your vacation. is a website that will guide you to the economical and lucrative bundled deals for airfare and hotels. It helps you compare and assess whether the deals are between absolutely no to those to be avoided). This app provides you with hundreds of products that fit in with your requirements. The best part is it will also help you locate the stores where you can buy those from. (Free; iOS) 
It stays light on the memory and consumes less space. It has nearly 100,000 users so far worth-buying. The user can make reservation directly through or through
the third-party service providers.  The best price will be displayed on the front and in the
centre. This app also give us some additional benefits like itinerary manager, flight tracker, currency converter and so on. To know more visit
Sikkim State Portal
The 'Sikkim State Portal' is aimed as a single point of access to all  the Department Services offered by Government of Sikkim through its  constituent departments. The online State Portal provides online access  to the current, complete and accurate information related to the  functions and services provided by Government of Sikkim and its  constituent departments to the Citizens, Businesses and other interested  users (e.g. Tourists and Investors). The portal aims at providing the  citizens and businesses with access to information such as expected  service fulfillment times for the Government services, business  processes, applicable rules and legislations, key point of contacts  within the Government etc. It also educates the citizens, businesses in  the state about their rights, benefits and schemes offered by the  Government, eligibility requirements for availing these benefits &  schemes etc. In a nutshell, the Sikkim State portal is a transparent  & accountable source of information in a hassle-free environment  which aims to reduce administrative burden and service fulfillment costs  for the Government, citizens & businesses. To know more, visit:
Daily Yoga
This app never lets you be bored by yoga exercises. This app contains more than 50 HD video classes that give you a clearer and accurate guidance of performing yoga. Additionally, it also has a library of 500 poses shown in videos in a detailed manner. (Free with optional in-app purchases; iOS and Android)