The Enigma Called Woman

The Enigma Called Woman

There is no force more powerful than a woman who is determined to rise!

Indrani Medhi

The conventional Indian woman is usually married off at an early age. After her marriage, she begins a new phase of life and adapts to a new living amidst a new family and a new household, leaving her parental home behind. It is the most beautiful and the best of thingsfor an Indian woman. But marriage is not the end of everything. It is time we snap the stereotype,'All is gone after marriage'. This is nothing but a stereotypical thinking of our patriarchal society. 

Right from the early times, women have been degraded and considered inferior to men. Gender inequality has always been at the centre of debates on development for more than two decades. It is one of the major challenges faced by women with serious economic and educational impacts on the society. The girl child is still outpaced and outranked by boys in all spheres of life in our country. They are still subjected to stereotypes and discrimination. India is a land where woman is worshipped as goddess while she is brutally killed as a foetusor married off as a child on the other hand. Today, where women have excelled in different fields, there are places where she is still devalued and considered the secondary sex.

A woman is oppressed and exploited nowhere but within her very familywhichstems largely from man's desire for power and control.Social hazards like dowry, infanticide, etc. degrade the status of a woman and deprive her of equal rights in the society.Even in the workplace women are forced into low pay scale, insecure and unskilled jobs. As a result, the whole countrytoday is facing the problem of gender bias, which should be radically erased off from the conventional mindsets of the people of our society.

Education stands as the top priority where we can work towards the empowerment of women. When we help a girl child and empower her, the whole society benefits - the families are healthier, children go to school, income levels improve and communities become more prosperous. But unfortunately in India, far from being empowered, girls and women are denied even their basic rights like health, education, employment and a respectable status in society. This naturally translates to a higher number of women being illiterate, compared to men. Hence, we should aim at moving beyond mere access to education/school to ensure success and sustainability. 

Girls and women need to be empowered in order to be future leaders, self-fulfilled individuals and role models in their communities. Acquisition of knowledge and skills towards achieving these objectives can be obtained not only by providing access to education but also in socio-economic, political, cultural and personal factors.Hence, it is high time that women should stop thinking that 'All is gone after marriage'. Instead women should never stop to explore their innate potentials even after marriage. In fact,different platforms of social, cultural and community development arenothing but yet another opportunity which appreciates and empowers Indian women.

Life is always full of challenges and struggles. We have to overcome our problems and obstacles in life with patience and persistence.If one is determined to achieve her goal, no one can stop her. We have to dream big and work hard keeping a balance between our passion, our household and other obligations of life.She should resolve to take up challenge in life and should be able to voice her concern on issues effecting women. It is time we bring a difference to the society. Yes, every woman can do it if she's determined because there is no force more powerful than a woman who is determined to rise.