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Mission China: A box office hit from Assam

By our Staff Reporter
GUWAHATI, Sept 13: Yankee Parashar starrer Mission China, produced by Zubeen Garg and Garima Saikia Garg and directed by Zubeen Garg, is the first-ever Assamese film proving to be one of the most crowed pullers and box office hits in Assam.
Ever since its release on September 8, 2017 the film has been a huge box office hit. It is a big budget Assamese film spending Rs 2 crore and two years and a half. In the very first week the film was shown 201 shows a day. It has also hit the box offices at Mumbai, Pune, Delhi and Bangalore, outside Assam. Efforts are on to release the film at Hyderabad next week.   
The film was shot in Sikkim, Arunachal Pradesh, Meghalaya and Assam many of which are hitherto virgin for films at the national level. The daily collection of Mission China is more than that of Bajrangi Bhaijan and Bahubali. Till Monday last it could collect Rs 1.60 crore. Thus, the massive campaign adopted by Zubeen Garg and his crew seems to have paid off.   
“A producer gets 32 per cent per ticket price. Earlier producers got entertainment tax refunded. However, with the emergence of GST, that policy has been done away with. To save Assamese films the films makers should get tax refunded or else they will shy away from making films,” Zubeen Garg said.
Kh Muzammal Hussain, a viewer of the film, said: “Assamese movies are doing well in so far as technology is concerned. Sound, picture quality and shooting locations have been standardized. This film will give the Assamese film industry a new direction and a new dream.”