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Most criminals now B'deshis, alleges PVM

 Prabrajan Virodhi Mancha alleges that majority of those accused in cases listed before Gauhati High Court are of Bangladeshi origin

By Our staff Reporter

Guwahati, Aug 12: In a claim that has serious ramifications for the State's socio-economic, legal and political fabric, the Prabrajan Virodhi Mancha (PVM) has alleged that majority of the accused in various criminal cases listed before Gauhati High Court are of Bangladeshi origin.

In fact, the Mancha alleged that between 7th and 11th August this year alone, the percentage of accused belonging to Bangladeshi origin before the High Court stood at 54.34%. Of the total 473 accused, the number of people of Bangladeshis origin was as many as 257. 

Addressing a press conference here on Saturday, PVM convenor and prominent advocate Upamanyu Hazarika said this fact alone clearly depicts that even when the people of Bangladeshi origin are in a majority in 9 out of 27 districts, their contribution towards overall crime rate in the state is more than 54%. 

It is this criminal streak among the immigrants that forces indigenous people to flee from their own land as they are subjected to constant threats, harassment and theft, Hazarika asserted, adding that the response of the government on the matter has been “most disappointing”.  

Accusing the State government of pursuing a “discriminatory” policy against indigenous people “who are victims of crime”, Hazarika compared its response towards the killing of All BTC Minority Students Union (ABMSU) leader Lafikul Islam with that of the brutal rape and murder of 58-year-old school headmistress Arnamai Bora in Jamunamukh by suspects of Bangladeshi origin. 

The PVM convenor said while Islam’s killing elicited a “very prompt response” from the government, including visits by Ministers, DGP, huge amounts of compensation and two government jobs to members of Islam’s family, Bora’s killing only drew a visit by local MLA and SP of the district. He added, “Neither the Chief Minister nor any other Minister spoke out against that crime.”

Hazarika also stated that Nagaon district is one of the worst affected due to illegal migration where indigenous people have been reduced to a minority. He also warned that indigenous people are set to become a minority in the State by 2040. 

The PVM convenor alleged that change of political dispensation at Dispur has not brought any respite for indigenous people as Bangladeshis are still being “pampered” by the ruling coalition. He said this State government too is following the previous Congress regime’s policy of minority appeasement, which in turn has caused indigenous people to feel insecure. 

Hazarikia also blasted BJP State unit president Ranjit Kumar Dass for his statement that “jati-mati-bheti” does not signify indigenous people but the national scene. He warned that the BJP will have no political existence in Assam if the party ignores the indigenous people who comprise its “bheti” (foundation).