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West Katigorah reeling under water for 6 months

From Our Correspondent
Silchar, Sept 12: Inhabitants of vast areas of West Katigorah are reeling under deep water for the last 6 months. It staggers our imagination that how people can survive in such conditions for such a long time. It has badly hit farmers, school going children, daily labourers among others. The situation is grim and needs immediate attention of the authorities concerned. People are seen rowing boats to move across the completely affected area. Entire Mahadevpur GP, along with areas of Saraspur, Taikan, Noropati, Thamla, Jabda, Labour Puta, Salimabad, Ghorarpar and Thalkar Grant has been submerged. People have to move across the flooded areas to bring water.
 People have been forced to consume the dirty, filthy and contaminated flood water. Around 1000 hectares of land is under water. A vast area of cultivable land is under water for the last 6 months. Mahadevpur in Katigorah presents a pathetic scenario of the bad effects of flood. No 1426 Ramkrishna Primary School which is in Mahadevpur Part I, Jalapur, is under water since March this year. One can reach the school only on a boat. Naturally, both teachers and students of this school are not coming to the school.
 “This school, along with many others, have been non functional since March. It is not possible for teachers and students to reach here on a country boat. School going children have to cover around 1 km on boat. It is highly risky. Our situation is very pathetic. It is happening since the sluice gates are closed,” said a resident of that area. Sluice gates in Phuiska, Gumrah, Kakrakhal and Boleshwar have been lying closed for long. Owing to this reason, the whole area is under water since long. Swarnali Paathshala and No 1985 Vivekananda LP School in Mahadevpur Part II are almost submerged in water.
 Parents, guardians and teachers hesitate to send children to the schools. This has also badly hit the business and commerce related to the crops. Subrata Chakraborty, former Zila Parishad member and BJP leader, West Katigorah said, “Around 40 villages have been affected.
There is acute shortage of food for the people and cattle of these villages. Almost all the roads have been submerged under deep water. There is no facility of potable drinking water. Paddy fields also have been damaged.” Subrata Chakraborty urged upon the district administration of Cachar to look into the matter and take necessary action before Durga Puja. According to sources, 20 LP schools are closed. Recently, a child died after drowning. The indifferent attitude of the State government has made life miserable for the people. A number of sluice gates need to be repaired and maintained.