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A tribute to Prasanta Biswa Sarma

Prasanta Biswa Sarma, my brother- in-law, always followed the golden principle of life-simple living and high thinking. He was beyond the limits of materialistic tastes. His actions and words co-ordinated in rhythm and he lived with dignity and pride.
He had such clarity of thought that even a child was attracted towards him in the hope of something of his desire. His words were inspiring but wrapped in the flavour of tradition, wisdom and utility, which we will miss now. He used to talk about today’s degrading social values. He was not only concerned about the moral and cultural values of our kids but also influenced many young minds to follow the path of true values and morals. That is a treasure he left behind for his kids too.
He had respect for the needy people and used to give away his old clothes and belongings after washing them properly and ironing them. The person who got those things always blessed him. Respecting elders, women and needy people was what made him stand out. He had such a treasure of practical knowledge and vision to make youngsters think of tradition and culture. He was never convinced with the idea of blowing candles while cutting the birthday cake. Instead, he inspired us to light an earthen lamp while cutting the cake. That is a great example of fine living. The light of positivity and hope which he inspired in our hearts will always show us the path to follow. He was a man of rare virtues and endearing personality. His absence will always be felt. Remembering him on his  birthday, September 13.
—Pragya Sarma