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Failure to set up fourth unit of BVFCL reflects Centre's apathy: AASU

From our Staff Correspondent
Dibrugarh, Sept 13: In support of setting up of the fourth unit of the only natural gas based fertilizer industry of the Northeast, Brahmaputra Valley Fertilizer Corporation Limited (BVFCL) Namrup in Dibrugarh district, the district AASU unit, in support of its Namrup regional unit, organized a large public meeting in front of the gate of BVFCL on Wednesday. More than 10 other student and youth organizations also lent support to the AASU’s demand.
The meeting chaired by district AASU general secretary Shankar Jyoti Baruah was addressed by AASU general secretary Lurin Jyoti Gogoi and BVCL Workers’ Union president Tileswar Bora.
 Addressing the meeting, AASU general secretary Lurin Jyoti Gogoi stated that failure to set up the 4th unit of the BVFCL in the last one decade had reflected the Union Government’s apathy towards Assam. “It is unfortunate that the Central Government miserably failed to initiate any steps or measures for rejuvenating the 4th unit of active fertilizer unit of Namrup in the last one decade while it extends all forms of support to revive the sick fertilizer companies located in other parts of the country,” Gogoi lamented. He stated that the act was a glaring example of BJP government’s apathy towards development of the State.
 Referring to the Centre’s plea of shortage of natural gas as the cause for cessation of construction work of the 4th unit of BVFCL, Gogoi termed it as a conspiracy because a large volume of natural gas was burning in various parts in Upper Assam without any productive purpose, which was unacceptable. He threatened to intensify agitation the long-standing demand of the AASU was not fulfilled.
President of BVFCL Workers’ Union, Tileswar Bora, while addressing the gathering, referred to the expert committee’s remark that the working capacity of existing units of the Namrup BVFCL would expire within three to five years and stated that despite the union’s repeated appeal to set up the fourth unit prior to the expiry of the other units, the BJP government failed to initiate any steps towards setting it up. Bora further appealed to both the Central and State governments for immediate action towards setting up the unit and to save the fertilizer company for the larger interest of the State.
More than 1,000 people from various walks of life, including workers’ union  members and employees of other Namrup based industries, attended the meet.