Letters to the Editor


Arbitrary GU Decision

Recently Gauhati University (GU) has issued a new notice on the appointment of faculties in the colleges under it (No. GU/Acad./2018/PhD/MPhil Equivalent subject/Noti-04, 12th January 2018). In this notice it is clearly mentioned that the degrees of MPhil and PhD in other interdisciplinary subjects won't be counted for marks. Candidates who have MPhil or PhD in the subject of Master's Degree are only to be considered for marks. 

People understand the present academic scenario of Assam. In Assam many people have got appointment in colleges collecting MPhil, PhD etc from some unauthorized private universities or through distance mode. Their depth of knowledge is highly questionable to a large extent. And some of the candidates have got appointment doing M Phil or PhD in some easy, irrelevant subject which has no connection with their academic post. Such research is carried out by a group of people to get appointment in colleges. Such research is not beneficial for the students and so GU has issued notice making MPhil and PhD in other subjects invalid, not giving marks in the appointment. But this move of GU will harm a particular section, those who are very committed in research and doing serious research in their respective fields. Many researchers change their Master's degree subject mainly because of their interest in other topics, not availability of seat in that subject or for doing research in good, reputed institutions. Many good research scholars are doing research in other subjects (departments) keeping the same topic they had in their Master's degree subject. 
In the premier institutions of India like Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), Delhi University etc, there are some special interdisciplinary centres where research work is conducted very well. Many research scholars are doing research from these universities keeping connection with their core subjects (PG). Many of them are doing quality research in interdisciplinary subjects from broader perspectives. If this new rule of not giving marks in interdisciplinary M.Phil and PhD is implemented in the colleges under GU, it will kill the spirit of some serious research scholars. It will spoil the careers of many good researchers who are actually eligible to get marks in academics and at the same time student community will be deprived from quality learning. 
To give opportunity to serious researchers and to maintain the quality of higher education, GU needs to be flexible in the implementation of this new order.  The authority should give marks in the selection process to the candidates who are doing similar research in other centres (departments) without changing the subject of their Master's degree. And also to those who have done research on a relevant subject which has close connection with the core subject. Marks should be given on topic basis, not on centre basis. 
This new order of GU is also not recommended by UGC. The authority should not compromise with the quality, but in the name of maintaining quality the authority should not kill the future of serious researchers who are in interdisciplinary subjects with a hope to get employment as well as to serve nation. 
Arup Bezbaruah,
Research Scholar, JNU. Delhi.