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Aaranyak releases short film Women Power of Aaranyak

GUWAHATI, March 8: Aaranyak, a society for working biodiversity conservation and environmental protection in Northeast India, on the occasion of International Women’s Day, released a short film –Women Power of Aaranyak – on Thursday.
Having completed 27 years, Aaranyak has been able to work in the field of biodiversity research and conservation not only in India but also globally, carving a niche for itself in this area. Aaranyak has women engagement in all areas of work, be them research, conservation, education, public relations or day-to-day office management.  The film has been made by newly launched Media Production & Communications Division of Aaranyak to present the immense contributions of all women in biodiversity conservation. The film is now available on the official YouTube Channel of Aaranyak as well as published in the online magazine NEZINE (