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Dispur fixes minimum wages for workers

GUWAHATI, Oct 12: The State Labour Welfare Department has fixed the minimum rates of wages in respect of different categories of workers employed in the employment of “Loading and Unloading” in the State.
“The rates of wages have been  fixed in the following categories: general rates for loading and unloading operation; rates of minimum wages for the works ordered by the broker (dalal); for the works of bus stand; for the works of raw molasses and laly molasses tin etc,” an official statement said.
Through publication of a draft proposal to fix minimum rates of wages in respect of employees/ workers employed in loading and unloading on June 6, 2017, the State Government invited objections/ suggestions from all the concerned likely to be affected.
After taking into considerations the recommendation of the committee constituted on June 22, 2015 and recommendation of the Advisory Board constituted on July 12, 2017 well after careful consideration of the objections and suggestions received along with other issues, such as, rise in consumer price index and revision of minimum wages for other scheduled employments, the State Government has fixed the minimum wages for workers engaged in loading and unloading.
In addition to the fixed minimum wages, the workers/ employees shall be entitles to Variable Dearness Allowance (VDA) @ 100 % over the rise and fall to index point in All India Consumer Price Index for Industrial Workers calculated with reference to the wages of the workers. VDA will be calculated on the basis of change in CPI as on the date of effect of the fixed rate of minimum wages and will be paid thereafter on 6 (six) monthly revised basis.