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Satyarthi on child abuse

GUWAHATI, Oct 11:  “Forget good touch-bad touch. Follow no touch,” says the Nobel Laureate. On Wednesday, Assam-Nobel Peace Laureate Kailash Satyarthi conducted the largest-ever lesson on child abuse in Jaipur. The session focused on lessons on basic rights that children are granted under the Constitution of India, the difference between good touch-bad touch and the need to understand the principles of ‘no touch’ as something to protect themselves and other children from potential abuse.
Reports state that each day in India, roughly 40 children fall victim to the heinous crime of sexual abuse, which is almost 2 children every hour. Education is the cornerstone in bringing about a revolution in the mindset of the society as well as fighting against the pervasive ignorance.
This class set the Guinness record. It is for the first time that a class on child sexual abuse was conducted at this scale, across a country, anywhere in the world. This record also aligns with and amplifies the Foundation’s mission on combating child abuse and enhancing the awareness on this menace in India.