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Dispur hints at Chinese link


NEW DELHI, Dec 7: Days after New Delhi ruled out Chinese interference in polluting Brahmaputra water, Dispur on Thursday pointed out Red Dragon’s involvement in polluting the water.
Chinese interference in polluting Brahmaputra looms large as the Assam Government has sent a letter highlighting that “there may be an unusual natural calamity or an artificial intervention that have taken place in the upper catchment of the river in Tibet region.”
In a letter sent to Union Water Resource Secretary, the State Government said, “It has been observed since the last part of November that there is a significant change in colour of the water of Brahmaputra River. The water is found to be highly turbid.”
The letter signed by Assam water resource secretary RP Das further highlighted that such phenomenon is very much unusual during this part of the season.
“Similar phenomenon has also known to be observed in Arunachal Pradesh. It is apprehended that there may be an unusual natural calamity or an artificial intervention might have taken place or continuing in the upper catchment of Brahmaputra in Tibet region,” Das in his letter said.
The letter was sent on Wednesday. Quoting media reports the letter further said that the Central Water Commission have already tested the water qualities of river Brahmaputra at different locations and the Government of India have obtained the factual information on the actual cause of such unnatural phenomenon.
“I would therefore request you to send a detailed report of the findings on the actual cause of such phenomenon and also on water quality test as done by the CWC,” Das in his letter said.
Earlier this week, Union Minister of State for Water Resource Arjun Ram Meghwal said that an earthquake in Tibet in the recent past has created the “temporary” obstruction in the flow of the river.
“The path of the river was temporarily obstructed after an earthquake in Tibet in November 17. A preliminary study has found that the water of the Siang river, which originates in southern Tibet and becomes the Brahmaputra upon entering Assam through Arunachal Pradesh is turning black due to a recent earthquake in the region,” Meghwal said.
Meanwhile, water resource department in Assam has sent water sample to the Jorhat RRL and IIT Guwahati to examine the presence of chemical substances in the water.
“Yes we have dashed a letter to Central Government over the matter,” said Assam Water Resources Minister Keshav Mahanta.
He said that the water has become polluted and it is undrinkable. “Water collected from three different locations has been tested and it was found very much polluted,” said Mahanta.
Water has been collected from Maijan, Bogibeel and Tezpur Shipyard. “In Maijan 295 NTU, 404 NTU in Bogibeel and 162 NTU have been detected in Tezpur Shipyard,” the minister said.