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Sushmita castigates Silchar Municipal Board

From our Correspondent
Silchar, Oct 6: “Silchar Municipal Board (SMB) is a total failure and is almost dysfunctional. Many allegations were put forth during the Congress regime. Despite a change in the Government, SMB has not changed for good. The chairperson of the Board Niharendra Narayan Thakur seldom calls for board meetings. It has been seen that he keeps on cancelling them. This is not at all conducive and thus reflects negativity. SMB’s activities have direct influences on the people. Role of the MLAs and the Central Government are equally vital. They should do their duties well so that it can develop a particular region,” said Silchar MP Sushmita Dev, president of All India Mahila Congress, at a press-meet held at a hotel in Silchar on Friday.
 Sushmita Dev said, “I do not practice mudslinging politics. However, I have to say that I was hopeful that SMB would perform well since it had its own way of working post 2014 elections. Deputy Speaker of Assam Assembly, MLA Dilip Kumar Paul brought a number of allegations against me. He used to say that I used to avoid board meetings. N N Thakur keeps on cancelling them on regular basis. Today, SMB staffs and workers are working relentless without any pay. It was alleged when I was the chairperson of SMB, ward commissioners used to works as contractors. The only reason which justifies this is that they atleast used to work for the development of the town.
 Sushmita Dev further said that the SMB building is itself a work of Congress. “The building in which N N Thakur sits is itself a Congress made one. But alas, no work has been done after it. It was alleged that Goldighi Mall of this town is going to be sold out. But we have done the most for this Mall. One cannot go on blaming things upon us. It is better to be constructive rather than be cynical and complaining,” she added to say.
 The MP further said, “I not only work ward wise but also outside it. My parameter of work was not at all confined. The water plants at Malugram and S M Dev (Civil) Hospital is due to our contribution. People point fingers at the former Chief Minister Tarun Gogoi. However, it was he who initiative the much needed water plants. I do not indulge in dirty politics. BJP’s thumping victory both at the Centre and the state was a good sign. They won hearts and thus managed to register a handsome victory. Congress supports progress, growth and development.”
 “However, BJP’s anti Congress statements, remarks and comments may cost them dear at the crunch. The performance of the BJP Government over the last 6 months has not been well. It can be said that 2019 elections is now an open game. It is now anybody’s game. People are getting desperate now. BJP’s anti Congress remarks have reached a saturation point now. It was in BJP’s manifesto that 5 bridges would be constructed over Barak River. Till now, nothing has been done in this regard.” Sushmita Dev added to say.
 The MP expressed her utter shock she received when she visited Banaras Hindu University and the state of Gujarat. “It is unbelievable that policemen enters a girls hostel for beating them. The law and order situation was worse. I was not even allowed to enter the University premises. What has happened to Beti Bachao Beti Padhao now? It seemed that dictatorship is being practised there. Development in Gujarat, which is Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s own place, has gone out of the track.”
 Taking a dig at the government, the MP said, “We have never imagined that there would be so much power cuts during Durga Puja. Days of Ashtami and Dashami in Silchar was dipped in darkness. We do not want 24 hours power supply. However, these frequent power cuts and load shedding have made life miserable for the residents.”
 “Prime Minister Narendra Modi refuses to listen to anybody, be it the RBI Governor or the Chief Economic Advisor. Such attitudes may cost BJP dear. It is high time that he should lend ears to the people who are experts in their fields. After all, democracy is a government of the people, by the people and for the people,” said Sushmita Dev.