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An open letter to the society

We all know that violence on women and self defence of women are two of the most discussed topics in today’s society. Violence on women like rape, molestation, kidnapping and murder are the menace that women have to endure in today’s so called modern world. People just hear, or protest for a while and gradually all the people, the spectators simply forget and just let it go. Our society takes these for granted.
But why we, the people fail to find out the roots of the problem? Don’t we have any responsibility towards the victim?
Can this be true that only the self defence training is the ultimate solution of this problem? We, the people as a whole should be ashamed that in 21st century, in this era of knowledge we still have to put knives and pepper spray inside the handbags of women for their protection. What should we do to get a peaceful, secured society both for children and women?  Is this should be the picture of today’s modern society where we live?
In this gloomy situation we must feel proud that several institution like “DARE” (defence against rape and eve teasers) by institute of Martial science in Mumbai, “SMILE” foundation and Blank Noise work towards women self defence awareness and spreading a ray a hope. Nobel laureate Kailash Satyarthi has also started ‘Bachpan Bachao Andolan’ for the safety of girls and children.
I think along with these steps government should start a value based educational system which teaches not to think woman as a commodity to eliminate such type of crimes. And the authorities should give stringent and exemplary punishments to the culprits so that no one dares to commit such crime again. We should try to focus on the root causes and try to educate people that even though we live in patriarchal society by design, woman deserve same respect as man, and it is woman who makes a home so she can never be just some sort of commodity.
—Urjja Chaliha