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Langting High School boys' hostel in pitiable state

From A Corespondent
Haflong, Nov 10: Conscious citizens of Langting expressing concern over the dilapidated condition of boys’ hostel of Langting High School alleged that the buildings of the Boys’ Hostel has become a cowshed following the indifferent attitude of the concerned authority. They said that the hostel building was constructed long back in 90’s and used to accommodate a good number of students of rural areas, but after few years the condition of the hostel deteriorated and there was no attempt to repair from the authority concerned resulting to inconvenience to the students as they had to stay in rented houses.
There have been repeated approaches by the people of Langting but no authority felt necessary to repair or renovate the hostel for these poor and rural students. Talking to Daman Longmailai, GB of Gadainpur, Langting said, “We have been approaching the concerned authorities and even the then MACs but till date nothing has been done to repair or renovate the hostel for the reasons best known to the authority. He appealed to the authority for immediate repair of the hostel considering the sufferings of the students coming from far flung of Langting arear.”