Thousands march in pro-government rallies in Iran

 Tehran, Jan 3: Tens of thousands of government supporters marched in rallies across Iran on Wednesday to denounce recent demonstrations against the regime’s economic policies. The state-organized demonstrations took place in numerous cities across Iran, including Qom, _ a center for religious scholarship, and in Ahvaz, the capital of oil-rich Khuzestan province in the southwest, reports Efe news.

Iranian men and women held posters of Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and Iranian flags while large groups of Shia clerics took part in the rally in Qom as seen in images supplied by journalists on the ground. The semi-official Fars news agency reported that the capital Tehran had returned to normal late Tuesday and no anti-government demonstrations had taken place. Although riot police were deployed on the streets, pedestrians shopped normally. (IANS)