Bayern in a crisis: coach Heynckes

Berlin, Oct 12: Football fans can't remember Bayern Munich not talking about winning titles. To achieve the Champions League trophy, to secure the German league title and lift the German Cup seemed to be in the Bavarian football giants' DNA. At present the topic is only a side issue as an analysis of Bayern's new coach, 72-year-old Jupp Heynckes is leading to only one conclusion: The record German champions find themselves in the middle of a crisis.
It took only a few days for Heynckes to analyse the current status of his team. What Heynckes revealed does not sound overwhelmingly optimistic, but the Bayern's head coach initiated specific countermeasures right away. The to-do-list couldn't be longer as Heynckes found out about the team's difficulties such as a lack of hierarchy, self-confidence, fitness, communication, team-spirit and tactical strategy, reports Xinhua news agency.
Saturday's Bundesliga duel against underdog SC Freiburg is expected to deliver first hints of what is possible this season after Italian star coach Carlo Ancelotti got the sacking and 2013 treble winning coach Heynckes returned to cure the struggling patient.
Usually, games against Freiburg don't cause any concern as Bayern never lost a home game against Freiburg. This time Bayern hope it turns out to be the door-opener to a better future.
Heynckes' work has to affect the teams' performance shortly as the side is facing crucial games in the Bundesliga, German Cup and the Champions League against the national rivals RB Leipzig and Borussia Dortmund and Celtic Glasgow on the international stage.
"We don't have much time to get the team back to believe in their abilities and gain new confidence. The team desperately needs a hierarchy and suitable tactical match plan," Heynckes told German media in advance of his first game as Bayern coach.
Due to Heynckes' plan, Bayern is to return to a 4-2-3-1 system implementing a "double-six" in front of the backline.
German international Thomas Mueller is one of the faces of Bayern's crisis as the attacker lacked shape and is now supposed to return to best form. After Ancelotti did not count on Mueller's abilities, the 28-year-old is expected to be one of the future cornerstones of Bayern's strategy. IANS