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Ering cautions PM on natural hazard for NE

 From our correspondent 

Itanagar, Feb 9: Lok Sabha MP from Arunachal East Parliamentary Constituency Ninong Ering in a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi cautioned him of a possible natural hazard in Northeast due to the formation of debris dam in the Yarlung Sangpo belt.
Ering, in a letter on February 7 this year, informed the Prime Minister of the debris dam formed in the Yarlung Sangpo belt in China due to a powerful underwater earthquake in November last year.
The letter, a copy of which was made available to the press, stated that an intense earthquake activity in November last year triggered widespread landslides on the Yarlung-Tsangpo river, 200 km upstream from Tuting in Upper Siang district of Arunachal Prdesh.
“Three natural rockslide dams have formed on the river due to blockage by landslides and debris. It is only a matter of time before the natural dams burst and unleash a severe disaster along the Siang river valley,” the Congress MP said in the letter.
He said, “Satellite imagery by NASA and show that landslides of this size and danger level have not occurred on the Siang river for almost half a century. Complicating this issue further, between October 21 and 27 last year, an avalanche occurred on the Sendapu glacier which feeds into the Yarlung-Tsangpo.”
“Pools of water can be seen on the glacier surface, indicating that melting ice may have caused mud and rocks to slip. This avalanche was not triggered by earthquakes. This was the first indication of the Siang river being contaminated by natural reasons and matches with the first reports given in early November by the vigilant people of Arunachal Pradesh,” he said in the letter.
“The big M6.4 earthquake on Gyala Peri and a series of earthquakes happened exactly 20 days later in the morning of November 17. The M6.4 that struck was the largest and shallowest earthquake since the year 1900 in that region,” Ering added.
“Earthquake swarms have been reported from the area of the Yigong dam before and were behind the disaster on the Siang in year 2000. Earthquakes on the mountains Gyala Peri and Namcha Barwa have been rare events until now,” the MP stated.
“The scale of the November landslides was so massive that just within 30 km of the river’s length, the mountain slopes have been stripped bare of forests. Alarmingly, along 12 km of the river’s length, the landslides have partially blocked the river flow and have created three natural dams one behind the other,” he said, and urged the Prime Minister to take proactive and necessary steps to keep people of the state safe from the imminent danger.