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World Mental Health Day observed


Itanagar, Oct 11: Along with the rest of the world, Rajiv Gandhi University here on Tuesday celebrated the 25th World Mental Health Day.  The program was organized by the newly introduced department of Psychology with the theme – “Mental Health in the workplace” World Mental Health Day is observed on 10th of October every year, with the overall objective of raising awareness of mental health issues around the world and mobilizing efforts in support of mental health.  Vice chancellor RGU, and Registrar RGU graced the inaugural session while other guests present here were Dean Faculty of Education, Psychiatrist Dr. T Kena from RKMH, and Clinical Psychologist of Mental Health Care centre Midhpu, Yeni Nabam.
Vice Chancellor, Professor Tamo Mibang while lauding the Department for their effort despite being one of the newest streams in the state said that, in fact is a very good beginning for the department. Programs as such should be given importance and continued in the future too.
Emphasising on the importance of a mentally fit body, he said that we cannot count the mammoth population who are suffering from mental stress. Around 5 crore of total population in India are suffering from mental stress and 3 billion in the world; three major reasons being, due to Industrialization, Population-explosion and Wrong Administration system. 
Why do youths and adults remain under depression most of the time, he questioned. Need should not control us, let us care ourselves and our dear ones close and keep them away from stress. He advocated that in order to overcome mental problems one needs to have a strong mind.
Dean Faculty of Education, Dr Sahoo felt that it is human to embody stress, even the strongest and the most learned faces stress, but there should be some sort of technique to relieve those stress, he opined. Especially in our work places we should not get indulged in too much work pressure, because due to work pressure people usually gets mentally disturbed. People should opt for success without stress rather than success with stress, he further said.