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Diengdoh assures to eliminate poverty, unemployment

SHILLONG, Nov 10: The Hill State People’s Democratic Party (HSPDP) candidate from North Shillong constituency, Alister Diengdoh on Friday listed two agendas—poverty and unemployment—which he will try to resolve if elected as an MLA in 2018 Assembly polls.
Diengdoh in his speech stated that it was a reality that even in an urban constituency like North Shillong, 40 percent of the electorates live below the poverty line.
“If the public supports me to be their legislator we will fight to eradicate poverty,” he added. He also pointed out that unemployment among the educated youth was a problem in the constituency.
Diengdoh also alleged that MLAs in the past did not do anything to remove the hardships arising out of these two issues. 
Speaking on the occasion, party president Ardent Miller Basaïawmoit said that other political parties are talking about change, but he asked the electorates of North Shillong constituency what changes do they want.
“The HSPDP offers change from a government which is corrupt to a corruption-free government. From a government which is partisan to a government which gives equal opportunity to all,” Basaiawmoit said.
The HSPDP president also said that there was an immediate need to bring in Article 371 of the Constitution in Meghalaya since this will give protection to the indigenous people of the state.
Article 371 is a special provision which empowers the state to protect the customs, practices, land, administration of justice and others to ensure no acts of Parliament can interfere.