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Striking the Right Note

Striking the Right Note

In the music realm of Assam and Bollywood, Kalyan Barua is a name which hardly needs an introduction. In a career spanning more than three decades, Kalyan Barua has performed alongside numerous musical icons of the country and brought countless laurels to the State and its people. Through sheer talent, passion and dedication, Kalyan Baruah has made a big mark in the film industry in Mumbai. Besides countless Bollywood film productions, he has been touring across the world, playing in live performances for bigwigs like KK, Adnan Sami, Lucky Ali right from their initial days to the present. It is no surprise that today he is ranked as one of the foremost guitarists of the country....

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Vaastu Rules for Corners

Hemanta Kumar Sarmah

The corners of the house are like shoulders and toes of the body. ....

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An Ode to the Spirit of Photography

By Tulika Devi

Continuing its tradition, the Photographic Society of Assam celebrated World Photography Day...

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