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The Star Director of Assamese Films

The Star Director of Assamese Films

In the socio-cultural world of Assam, Munin Barua is a name which hardly needs an introduction. One of the finest film directors that Assam has ever produced, it would not be wrong to say that Munin Barua ushered in a revolution for Assamese commercial cinema in the 90s and made films which heralded a new era for the Assamese film industry. His movies brought in a breath of fresh air to the otherwise dormant Assamese movie industry. His commercial film, Hiya Diya Niya, released in 2010, created history in Assamese celluloid as a 'blockbuster hit' and helped revive the Assamese film industry, which was in a very bad shape at that point of time. Apart from movies, Barua also directed television serials and written scripts in many plays of mobile theatres. Starting his career way back in the mid seventies as a screenplay writer and Assistant Director, Munin Barua has written more than 21 feature films. Notable among them are 'Bowari', 'Sonmaina', 'Daag', 'Barood', 'Rang', 'Maya', 'Bidhat...

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Little things about little ones

The Power of Generating Generosity

"No, no, this is my doll, don't touch it", "Why are you taking my book, you can't read it", "Ma, she's playing with my toy, tell her she can't have it"… as usual, it goes on and on - this list is endless, as are the yelling, the grabbing, the fights and the tears. Well, that's what growing up is all about, isn't it? No sooner have we smoothed out one squabble that another crazy one erupts like a volcano. Why don't our children know how to share? Well, it's not that they don't know; they do. It's just that they aren't very consistent about doing it....

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The Wilted Flower

There are no flowers at Bauri Gate. Bauri Gate has dust and a smell compounded of sweat, urine, horse-dung and exhaust fumes. Its walls are streaked with the yellow of human urine and the red of paan-juice spitting. It has flies - the horse-fly, sucking nectar from heaving horse-flanks; the human-fly, inebriated with human sweat; and the large and beautiful bluebottles, buzzing lazily over heaps of warm horse-dung....

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Proper Vaastu can help you from being cheated

Hemanta Kumar Sarmah

We get cheated in life on several occasions. Sometimes, you feel that someone has promised you somet....

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By Aambar Chaterjee

I have watched innumerable movies and television episodes. Out of those I have loved some, hated som...

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