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A Lifetime of Art

A Lifetime of Art

Noni Borpuzari is a name that hardly needs an introduction in Assam. Noni is one of the finest artists born after India attained independence. He along with some others has successfully carved out a place for Assamese artists in the Indian and international art scenario. For over three decades, Noni Borpujari has been maintaining his hard-earned reputation as a consistent printmaker producing quality works. This is no mean achievement for an artist working in Assam where worthwhile facilities for printmaking, as well as exhibiting, were almost non-existent till recently. The self-taught Guwahati based artist has so far exhibited his work in different parts of the globe. Some of his debuting important international exhibitions were: Mini Print International Exhibitions in Spain in 1983, Ninth International Contemporary Art Exhibition in New Delhi (1984) and International Exhibitions Against War in Poland (1985), etc....

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Little things about little ones

The Power of Saying Sorry

"Sorry, sorry, sorry," our children often say when they regret what they have done or not done. "Say sorry at once, you naughty boy," "Why don't you just say sorry?" "You say sorry a hundred times a day, but you still don't learn."...

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The Village Pervert

He was a short guy, short by any standards, five feet two perhaps. He was well built though, stout strong with little triceps bulging from his forever tight t-shirts. Jainal, real name Jaideb Nath, was a born lover. At least that's what he told everyone. I believe it with a pinch of salt though....

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Simple Vaastu Tips for Peace and Prosperity

Hemanta Kumar Sarmah

If you are going through a hard time like low income and inability to repay loans, not able to conce....

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By Aambar Chaterjee

American Made starts with a scene wherein, Tom Cruise playing the commercial pilot Barry Seal fakes ...

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