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In Search of Roots

In Search of Roots

A coalescence of tongues and traditions, songs and dances, art and culture, Northeast India has always been a hub for leisurely as well as scholarly pursuits. However, the gradual obliteration of the ancient tribal folklores and folktales of this region, for many palpable reasons, has become a cause of concern for many conscious souls. A ray of hope has recently emerged with many writers, activists and scholars fervently rallying to extricate preserve and promote our lost cultural traditions. One such noble soul in our midst is Mr. Dharamsing Teron, who has always strived to promote the rich cultural history and tradition of the Karbis. This unassuming research activist, with a rich history in administration, has brought out four series of the 'Karbi Studies', which are all about Karbi memories, myths, metaphors and folktales. He is currently working on documentation of Karbi Folklore and Oral History in a bid to sustain the vanishing oral traditions of one of the oldest tribes of t...

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Little things about little ones

The Power of Teaching to Trust

What does being trustworthy mean to us as adults? While discussing the issue as parents, we want to be able to trust our children to make the right choices when we are not around, to do the right thing when presented with a childhood dilemma, and to come to us with their problems. ...

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If it Happens

There is a way to grow old. It isn't time for you to learn yet, Maa says. That perhaps could be another reason why birthdays make you unbearably sad. Answer midnight calls, thank everyone for the wishes, throw a party in the evening, have friends over to partake in the leaving of a year behind, make merry and see the evening off....

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Vaastu Rules for the Broomstick

Hemanta Kumar Sarmah

Everybody hopes for a peaceful life, prosperity and financial stability. But it does not happen alwa....

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By Ambar Chatterjee

Golmaal Again is directed by Rohit Shetty and is the fourth installment in the ever popular franchis...

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