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Tattooing a  Lost Legacy

Tattooing a Lost Legacy

For Moranngam Khaling, popularly known as Mo Naga, tattoos are more than just a piece of body art. It is more of depicting a person's identity and way of life. And maybe it is this fixation with art and identity that has taken this young and dynamic artist to the world stage. A tattoo artist and researcher, Mo Naga is today counted amongst the top 100 tatoo artists of the world as per a list published in The World Atlas of Tattoos....

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Little things about little ones


Teaching our children to pay attention to and trust the "knowing" feeling inside them sometimes takes a backseat to protecting them. Although as parents we do need to watch over our little ones and keep them safe, we should be careful not to extinguish the natural protective instincts or feelings of knowing we are all born with....

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Rendezvous with Rain

Tara sees rain in the distance, skeins that sometimes look like long white fingers parting the shadows in the clouds. She sees opulence in their motions, and some energy seems to surround her with the sound of the approaching shower. ...

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Hemanta Kumar Sarmah

A nice and beautiful aquarium with colourful fishes adds to the beauty of the living room. The fish ....

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Murder on the Orient Express

By Ambar Chatterjee

My favorite film critic of all times, the dear late Roger Ebert, once eloquently put that he was env...

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