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The Box Office Guru

The Box Office Guru

In the world of Assamese celluloid, Munna Ahmed is a name which hardly needs an introduction. A prolific actor and director, Munna Ahmed has a number of blockbuster hits to his credit. A director who had ushered in a new wave for Assamese cinema in the 90s, he is sometimes referred to as the Box Office Maestro of Assamese cinema, primarily due to the magic his films has in the box office. Be it 'Joon Jwole Kopalot' or 'Jibon Nodir Duti Par;', he has ensured packed halls for Assamese cine buffs in the deplorable conditions of the past.He has also scripted, produced and directed numerous telefilms for Assamese television besides making more than 150 documentaries and short films. ...

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Hemanta Kumar Sarmah

High Blood Pressure is caused by narrowing of the blood vessels causing the heart to pump more blood....

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By Ambar Chatterjee

Padmaavat has been marred by controversy and has even had its name re-christened. Hence, when it fin...

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