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Vaastu Effect of Footwear
Hemanta Kumar Sarmah

Vastu Shastra says that a person’s feet are the road to his destiny and how well he manages his/her foot health and care can lead to a lot of opportunities or mishaps. That is why when a person is aimless in life, it is said that he is under the ill effects of Shani. The Vedic scholars advised us with things that we must not do with whatever footwear we have, and also where, when, how we should wear shoes.

Just like colours affect us in different ways, our clothes, shoes, jewellery and cosmetics also affect us in different ways. In fact, different planets rule these items. For example, the clothes worn above the waist are ruled by Ketu while the clothes below the waist level are ruled by Rahu. The jewellery and cosmetics are ruled by the planet Venus.

Though leather products are ruled by Ketu, the feet belong to Saturn and so, according to astrology, the footwear comes under Lord Shani's jurisdiction! So anyone suffering from ill effects of Saturn are asked to donate shoes. Since Ketu has malefic effects, leather items are not allowed inside temples. But Jupiter is the only planet which can reduce the effects of Ketu and Jupiter or Guru Yantra is often prescribed with Ketu Yantra.

Vastu Shastra says that a person's feet are the road to his destiny and how well he manages his/her foot health and care, could lead to a lot of opportunities and mishaps. That is why when a person is aimless and loitering in life, it is said that he is under the ill effects of Shani. The Vedic scholars advised us with things that we must not do with whatever footwear we have, and also where, when, how we should wear shoes or else risk the possibility of losing out on opportunities and wealth.

1. One should never wear any footwear, which is either stolen or received as a gift. Such footwear would never help you reach your goal and would always pull down your luck and career prospects

2. If you are going for an interview, you should never wear footwear which is either torn or in trodden condition; it converts all you luck into misfortune. Torn footwear stops your success. In case you have nothing else, you can always borrow but never steal.

3. Brown shoes must be avoided at the workplace at all cost. They can turn things from bad to worse.

4. People associated with banking or education-related workplace must avoid wearing coffee or dark brown coloured footwear if they do not wish to jeopardize their jobs. Such shoes bring bad luck to your income source.

5. If you're working in medical or medicine field or any work related to iron, then you must never wear white shoes. Wearing white shoes could invoke bad luck and loss of wealth.

6. If you are related with water-work or Ayurvedic field, then avoid wearing blue coloured footwear and also be careful against cloth-made footwear. Blue is not suited for you guys.

7. It is advised against wearing footwear while eating food. It attracts negativity in your life. It is advised that if in case you are somewhere out for eating, try to take your shoes off while eating food.

8. Vastu Shastra warns against keeping shoes or placing shoe rack in the north-east direction, in your home. This is the place which receives the first ray of sunlight. Thus, yours shoes shouldn't be in the way of positivity entering your home.

9. Vastu Shastra advises that the shoes must be taken off right at the entrance or kept near the entrance in a rack, but in case the entrance of your house is either in North or East direction, then it is advised to never keep shoe rack near the entrance, no matter what.

10. Shoes must never be kept in hanging state inside a home. If done, it would bring in death, worst of misfortunes and critical health problems to family members.

11. Two shoes must never be placed, one over the other, or one inside the other. It jeopardizes the energy of the house and leads to professional failure.

12. After death, the deceased's footwear must be either donated or buried and never be kept in home. It's an invitation to bad omen.

13. Never keep shoes on table or bed (even the new ones) even for a short period. Such setup represents death energy. Also, never push your footwear under the bed, they must be only placed on the side of bed or couch or in the rack.


Q. You have mentioned about a Convex Pa Kua mirror to reflect negative energy. Is there also a concave mirror? If so, what are its uses?

Gautam Sharma, Jorhat (Via email)

Ans: Yes, a concave mirror is available and it is widely used in Vaastu as well as Feng Shui.

The convex Pa Kua mirror is used to reflect negative energy or obstacles. The concave Pa kua mirror is used for just the opposite functions. Since its surface is concave, it will attract the energy towards it and absorb it. So the concave mirror is relatively safer to use but it should not be kept inside the house. This is particularly useful whenever there is a slope at south and west; a negative vaastu phenomenon. Houses, which have a lower road at west and south can also employ concave Pa Kua mirrors outside facing the roads. This is extensively used in hilly terrains where there are lots of ups and downs in undesirable directions.

Q. The position of a room of my house, which is in the south west direction, is two-feet lower than the other room. Is it advisable from the viewpoint of Vaastu ?

A, Sengupta Birubari

Ans: Bedroom in SW is good but it should NEVER be lower. SW should be the heaviest portion. By lowering it, your finances and health may be affected. If it is not possible to raise it because of low ceiling, fill it with heavy items like almirahs, furniture, even stone boulders!

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