Eating Out


Eating Out

When it comes to Indian cuisine, Bengali food is a huge favourite among food lovers. With the puja season coming up just ahead, people will soon be frequenting new restaurants with their loved ones. And since Durga puja is a much loved festival of both Assam and Bengal, digging into some Bengali delicacies seems to be the order of the day!
In recent times, there has been a splurge in restaurants offering Bengali food in Guwahati. But one of them which stand out is 6 Ballygunge Place. The restaurant is located in Ulubari area of Guwahati.
This restaurant is the retail outlet of a popular Bengali food chain by the same name. If you're familiar with the city of Kolkata and you consider yourself to be a foodie, you would have definitely heard about "6 Ballygunge Place" for its authentic Bengali dishes and catchy tag line - "Flavours of Bengal". 
Talking about its genesis, one of the founding partners of the chain and a chef himself, Chef Sushanta Sengupta says, "We started 6 Ballygunge Place in 2002 with the basic idea of serving ethnic Bengali food in Kolkata. The interest in ethnic food, which is seen nowadays, had not started at that point of time." The rest, as they say, is history and soon it has grown into a large chain of restaurants. 
The Guwahati outlet of 6 Ballygunge Place was launched in November 2015. Located in the Ulubari area, the outlet here is quite easy to spot. The interiors are neatly crafted, having spacious and comfortable sitting arrangements. Chef Sengupta says, “The basic idea was to make Bengali food available in Guwahati. Since the people of Assam and Kolkata have a shared love for rice and fish, it is not that difficult to source the ingredients for most of our dishes."
Talking about the food, the place serves an array of authentic Bengali delicacies. According to Chef Sengupta, they have tried to depict the food culture of Bengal in its entirety. "We have tried to represent Bengali food in the most authentic way possible. In our restaurant in Bengal, our menu has a special Continental section where we serve continental dishes. Bengal has a rich history and is home to a number of colonial settlers. So alongside Bengali food, there is a shared love for Continental food items which we have tried to present," says Chef Sengupta.
The restaurant also serves a daily buffet in addition to its normal menu. Some of the popular items include Karaishutir Kachori - a typical bengali puri stuffed with spicy mashed peas, and Kanchalonga Dhonepata Murgi - a slight-gravy boneless chicken cooked with green chilli and coriander leaves. An-other popular item is Chital Maacher Muitha - tasty fish dumplings cooked in a medium-spicy gravy.
No proper meal is complete without a dessert. And for that, the restaurant has the quintessential Mishti Doi. Another item that should be tried is the Nolen Gurer Ice cream, which is the specialty of the house. For those who have to follow their doctor's advice to avoid ice creams, they have an option in the curd which is a real treat for the senses. "Besides the other main items, one of our specialities is our desserts. We prepare our own desserts on a regular basis," says Sengupta.
Coming to the service, the waiting staffs are quite helpful in nature but somehow fail to provide the ethnic touch to the place. The prices are reasonable, only if you share the bill with a friend or two. A regular meal costs around Rs 800 plus taxes for two! The weekday buffets are priced at Rs 480 plus taxes which places it a bit on the higher side. 
In the concluding words, this place offers a breathing space to the otherwise mundane Bengali food segment here in Guwahati. Those who loved Bengali food should try this place at least once.