Vaastu Tips for Health

 Vaastu Shastra has shown many ways by which a lot of tensions in life can be faced with ease. They are small tips but they can help us a lot in shaping our life peacefully. Here are some tips:

1. Keep sea salt in a glass bowl in any corner of the house. This will absorb negative energy and only positive energy will remain outside. When the salt becomes dirty in colour, discard it.
2. All the corners of the house should be well lit and aerated. This will automatically correct defective Vaastu.
3. Face the East or North while eating. If you constantly eat facing the West or South, it may affect the digestive system.
4. DO NOT sleep in the room at Southeast if you are suffering from hypertension. The fire element of Southeast will aggravate the blood pressure.
1. A good night's sleep rejuvenates the body and the mind. Lot of physical disorders are due to lack of proper sleep. It is obvious that the bed should have clean and comfortable bedsheets, pillow covers, etc which are to be changed regularly.
2. The bottom of the bed should be clean. Those who use beds with boxes should ensure that nothing other than bedsheets or clean towels are stored inside.
3. Electronic items in the bedroom are deterrent for good sleep. Gadgets like the TV or computer emit strong electromagnetic waves which can disturb sleep.
4. Keep a laughing Buddha in the south of the bedroom. This will generate positive energy and help in sleeping. Vaastu pyramids under the bed will produce similar effect.
1. Draw a Surya Yantra with red ink on a plain paper and carry it in your purse. Surya or the sun is the prime force behind all other planets and it will reduce your expenses. 
2. Carrying a silver coin with photo of Ganesh or Lakshmi brings good results
3. Keep a picture or Yantra of Lord Kuber in the purse.
4. Never keep your purse empty. Keep at piece one currency note or coin in the purse.
5. If you happen to carry a lot of money with you regularly, keep a small ball of glass or Surma/Kajal so that evil eyes are warded off.
6. NEVER use a torn purse
7. DO NOT keep old chits and paper in the purse
8. Some people have the habit of keeping medicines like tablets in the purse. This should be avoided.
9. Steel and iron items like a small knife, blade, etc should not be kept in the purse.
1. A projected Southeast in a building towards East may indicate fire accidents or surgery 
2. A Projected Northwest in North will spell financial loss, divorce and litigation 
3. A cut in the Northeast means block in progress, loss or no progeny 
4. A Projected Southwest towards West causes premature death of husband 
5. A Projected South of Southwest causes death of wife 
6. A Toilet in Northeast creates perennial financial problems 
7. A Toilet in Southwest creates loss of finances.
8. If the North is higher, desired results are not achieved despite tireless efforts. 
TIP 1: An unclean house creates an unclean atmosphere which affects the mind also. Make it a point to keep your house neat and clean. Discard old and unused items.
TIP 2: Keep items which you like and remove those which are not useful to you or preferred by you. If any of them is indispensable, store them by wrapping them in a black piece of cloth so that their negative effects are kept under control.
TIP 3: Regularly burn some incense. Sandalwood, guggal, camphor are some excellent stuff to burn which can destroy negative energy. It is essential to open the windows and ventilators/exhausts so that the smoke can take the negativity outside the house.
Q. I am starting my own business from home. I am going to construct a separate premise on the northern part for this. Please suggest me the Vaastu rules so that my venture can be successful. I have already approached SBI for a loan.
A. Bora, 
Ans: Please keep in mind the following tips:
1. If you require separate water connection for this premise, have the prime source at Northeast or East.
2. Keep more vacant areas to the Northeast, East and North.
3. There should not be any big tree or structure in front of the premises.
4. Keep the main entrance at Northeast or central North.
5. The shape of the new premises must be kept square or rectangular. Avoid extended portions.
6. Keep a picture of two white horses at the Northwest. They should not confront each other. This will facilitate quicker disbursement of the loan and faster repayment.
7. Appease the God of Wealth i.e. Lord Kuber by keeping his picture or statue at the North. You can also keep a Kuber Yantra.
8. Sit at Southwest facing the North.