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Ring in the New Year 2018

 A big fat year is coming to an end once again. And a brand new year waits to shower us with new joy, successes, hopes, desires and what not. Perhaps it is the thrill and anticipation of embarking into yet another year in our lives that fills us with so much joi de vivre at every year endings and beginnings.

Wish we could hold on to the euphoria of celebrations even after the New Year brouhaha is done and over with.
New Year, according to the Gregorian Calendar (January 1), is one of the most popular occasions in India. People like to ring in the new year with song, dance and feasting that last till the wee hours. New year greetings flood the mobile networks making it almost impossible to send a message across.
The young people with high levels of adrenalin rush love to party away the night singing, laughing dancing and soaked in high spirits - both alcoholic and otherwise. Big cities organize live concerts which people throng to get a glimpse of their favourite Bollywood stars. While the mellower ones prefer to stay indoors and spend time with their dear ones within the four walls of their homes. 
Let us check out a few New Year activities things that people do.
1. Party Hard:The holiday season enables working people to let their hair down for once from the daily grind and for once, they can drive headlong into the pool of fun and entertainment. Thankfully, the bustling nightlife of Guwahati has a lot to offer these days. Almost every hotel, restaurant organizes New Year parties complete with DJ and buffet dinners. One can simply buy a pass and participate.Some restaurants offer discounts on group passes where one can avail the offers along with friends.
If you want to throw in a sense of adventure,then you should try out the numerous cruises on the mighty Brahmaputra. Ring in the New Year while you sail on the river. Dance to the beats of the DJ's churning out your favourite number.....what bliss! But yes, don't forget your woollens and jackets to keep the cold midnight breeze at bay.
Private parties are also in huge demands these days. Families like to keep things simple by keeping the celebrations confined within families and friends. With the plethora of joints offering catering facilities throwing a party is child's play these days. Just choose the menu and leave the rest to the caterers.
However, nothing can beat the allure of a romantic candlelight dinner with your beloved. What better way to say hello to the brand new year other than being with your sweetheart.? 
2. Shop till you Drop:Indulging in a little bit of retail therapy can be very fulfilling at this time of the year. Why, with all the discounts and special offers on display one can never go wrong with shopping. 
Everywhere you go you are sure to come across those huge billboards announcing these offers on all sorts of merchandise. This clearly is the best time to overhaul your wardrobe. Out goes the old stuff and in comes those sparkling new fashionable things. Fashion being a slave to time, no one trend rules roost for long, and in order to walk with those changing times one needs to stay abreast of the fashion trends. 
Shopping online has reached a whole new meaning today where you can not only buy what you want but also keep a check on your purse strings. Shopping is not confined to clothes mind you but every household product that you can think of. 
3. New Year Resolutions:Love it or hate it, but you can never skip making a few new year resolutions. Most of us end up breaking every single one of them but making them is one step towards fulfilling our resolutions. Here are a few resolutions that people love to make and eventually break!
a. Go for walks.
b. Join a gym.
c. Learn a new language.
d. Discard those old clothes.
e. Visit that long forgotten aunt.
f. Clean the clutter in our homes.
g. Be frugal!
h. Spend less time on Facebook.
i. Try out a new recipe every month.
j. Start writing that novel.
k. Adopt an animal in the zoo and be responsible for its upkeep.
l. Publish those poems.
m. Be more social.
And there is no end to that list.
4. Going on Picnics:Going on a picnic can never go out of fashion in any age or era. It is a tradition that we all like to keep alive. Right from choosing a spot, creating a like-minded group, planning the menu, the finances, et al.... picnics are a great way to have fun and spend time with the dear ones. A us full of laughing people blaring loud music is a common sight during this time of the year. The entire drill of having boiled eggs, bread and oranges for breakfast on the bus and the entire painful exercise of making lunch from scratch in large utensils and finally eating when it's almost darkis a tradition which many of us enjoy, except for me! Nowadays, many people prefer to carry pre-cooked food rather than setting up an impromptu kitchen in the middle of nowhere. Practical enough for it does become a little cumbersome to cook and prepare a meal from scratch. But then it has its own charm too. 
Here are a few picnic spots that one can choose from. 
a. Hatisila in Chandrapur: Situated on the banks of the River Brahmaputra. The name Hatishila is derived from 'hati' meaning elephant and 'shila' meaning stones. There are two stones in this place which resemble the tusk of an elephant. This is a perfect spot to spend some quality time with friends and family.
b. ChaandubiLake: The natural lagoon here is a truly beautiful sight. Apart from boating, one can also indulge in fishing here.
c. Kulsi: About 40 kms away from Guwahati, this is where one can have a look at the river dolphins in the Kulsi river. One can take boat rides and enjoy the scenic view.
5. New Year Vacations:Many of us love to pack our bags and indulge in some wanderlust. Exploring new places, new cultures and cuisines during the holidays is a great way to spend the holidays. 
However, what if we think out of the box this year and spread some real good holiday cheer by throwing a party for the less privileged. Nothing can beat the euphoria of watching the street children have a full and satisfying meal.
 What if we shop for someone else this year? What if our efforts are spent in putting clothes over people who are shivering in the cold, who don't have a roof over their heads?
Imagine the joy you can provide to the inmates of an old age home who have been abandoned by their families. Your little time can be a lifetime of happiness for an elderly person awaiting time in the hands of fate.
Years come and go but let us make those years count by filling our diary of memories with good things that we can always look back upon fondly and be proud of the quality of those years gone by rather than the quantity of years piled upon our beings. 
Whatever may be your preference - whether it's a bohemian night out or a serene dinner over candle lights - Guwahati has it all. So go get dressed up in your best suits or gowns and switch on the entertainment button this New Year's eve and dive headlong into a night of pure, unadulterated fun.
And finally a very happy new year to all of you out there. Here's wishing you a very Happy 2018!