Eating Out


The cafe culture has truly burgeoned in the city with a number of theme-based cafes being launched at regular intervals. In this regard, we can make mention of the Fat Belly Cafe, Tall Boys Cafe, Vinyl Records Cafe, The Bean Journal and the like, which have emerged as popular hanging out spots of the younger lot and are currently trending in the foodscape of the city.

This time, we would like to acquaint you with one of the first entrants in the cafe culture of Guwahati. Yes, you are right. We are talking about Basement Cafe, a sports and music-themed cafe which is a first of sorts and which in many ways, has led to the growth of the cafe culture in the city.
Located in the busy Commerce College point, Basement Café, as the name suggests, is a sports-music themed café located in the basement of a building. Its proximity with Commerce College point, which is one of the most popular gathering point of the youths of the city, make this place highly popular amongst the youth and sports lovers. But not just the youth, once you locate it, it is a world of its own, perfect for one to relax and unwind over a cup of coffee or meal of his choice.
The first thing that strikes one as he or she enters the place is the interiors. The interiors of the café have been designed on the theme of sports, especially football. While posters of popular sporting legends adorn the wall, flags of football clubs are also seen hanging from the roof. A faux basketball court, which has been designed as a part of the interiors, further enhances the sports look of the café. The layout of the interiors is nice and one gets a very positive feeling right from the moment he or she enters. 
And to top it all, there are also provisions for live music performances in the cafe
From the outside, one does not expect the interiors of the cafe to be so trendy and contemporary. So while the trendy interiors lift one's mood right from the moment he or she enters, the courteous behaviour of the staff and the wonderful quality of the food makes dining here a pleasant experience.
Coming to the food, this is the kind of food that has become popular in the city only in recent times. While the menu is very similar to those one finds in a cafe nowadays, it is still a very nicely selected menu, offering an eclectic range of dishes. But the spaghetti and shakes are some of the most sought after dishes here.
A customer Amar Hazarika said, “I have been to this café four times and I always return satisfied. Entering the Café gives you a real 'lift' of moods and for sports-lovers like my friends, this can be real bliss. They have even UNO and small board games and papers to keep you occupied! We ordered Spaghetti with Meatballs, TCO Pizza, Basement Café Rich Fried Rice and Mojito Mint. Spaghetti with Meatballs is a strong recommendation for anyone visiting the place. The TCO Pizza could have been better and the Fried Rice was rich but not unique”.
While the aesthetic design of the cafe and courteous behaviour of the staff already creates a desirable ambience, the quality of the food served here is superb. Most of the customers who returned found the food to be quite delicious and well served. All in all, Basement Cafe provides one with the real essence of the cafe culture that is sweeping the food-scape of the city.