Eating Out



While the food industry of Guwahati is expanding by leaps and bounds, one of the foremost eateries for youngsters and adults alike, when it comes to gorging on a satisfying meal, is none other than Benison Food Court. A small restaurant located just opposite TC Girls High School in Guwahati club, this eatery, over the last many years,has been the most preferred joint for foodies to taste some of the most popular fast food items, as well as full course meals, at reasonable rates.

Benison Food Court has been around for quite some time and is the most popular joint for foodies and the student community alike. The wide array ofmomos served in Benison are undoubtedly the best that one can find in the city. Every day youngsters make a beeline to this ubiquitous restaurant to sample their favourite momos, raja rolls and other fast food items. And the biggest USP of the place is that the management has managed to retain the quality of food right from its inception. No wonder then that if it is momos and fast food you are searching for at affordable rates in a hygienic setting, Benison is the right place for you.

One of the biggest plus points of Benison Food Court is the highly affordable food that is served in reasonable quantities. Although the place is not that big, the owner lends her own personal touch to ensure that every customer has a delectable dining experience.

Coming to the interiors, the place has a normal seating arrangement which can comfortably seat around 30 souls. The waiters know their dishes well and the ever graceful and smiling proprietor ensures that you dining experience is a memorable one.

Coming to the food, fast food items like momos, rolls, and chowmein are obviously the hot-sellers, given the close proximity to nearby educational institutions and hostels.

As a customer said, "Benison Food Court has been there for many years now and it still serves decent quality foods itemsat reasonable rates. If one is to review the place, this is a pocket-friendly place to have a good meal or snack andfast food items like momo's, noodles, etc.While at Benison's, one must not forget to try the exquisite range of momos which are quite good. The most sought after dish in this regard is the Poached Chicken/pork momo's, which are yummy and suits the student community's pockets.

Besides the momos, the place also serves delicious Soups, Rolls, etc which are quite popular amongst people of all age groups.

Coming to the ambience, it's a small place with basic sitting arrangements. However, when it comes to service, the place definitely scores 5 on 5. The lady owner of the place is quite good and helpful. Although there is a slight shortage of manpower during the peak periods, the overall service is decent and leaves nothing to complain about. 

Not just for the youth, Benison is also a good place for people who want to eat some decent food at a reasonable budget. The restaurant serves an exciting array of Indian as well as Chinese dishes which can be compared at par with those served in the best restaurants of the city. 

So next time you are in Guwahati club and on the lookout for some decent meal, do give Benisons a try. We are sure you won't be disappointed.