Eating Out


 If you are a pork lover, then we guess that this place hardly needs an introduction. This is the restaurant which has made more pork, cooked and served in a hygienic manner, more available for the common Guwahatian. For the un-acquainted and un-initiated, we are talking about Raja Mircha - the ethnic restaurant which is presently trending amongst the people of the city. 

Following the immense popularity of its menu, the restaurant recently opened a new branch, below PIBCO Motors, in Rukmini Nagar area of the city. The primary outlet of Raja Mircha is located near the GNRC Hospitals in Dispur.
A highly affordable eatery, Raja Mircha does not boast of an extensive menu. Nor does it have elaborate decors. A first-time might get confused by the basic seating arrangements. With a simple menu of thalis and few limited items, it does not fall in the league of multi-cuisine diners. What is lacks in quantity, however, it makes up through its delicious food and cheap prices. The two major USPs of the restaurant are the availability of different varieties of pork and their cheap prices.
Some of the most popular pork dishes that are available here is Pork with Lai Xaak, Pork with Sesame Seeds, Assamese Pork Curry and Pork with Bamboo Shoot. All the dishes are served with a generous helping of rice and the other usual components of an Assamese thali. The rice, however, is optional and customers have the option of packing their favourite dose of pork.
Coming to the service, the waiting staff are well trained and prompt. They are responsive to the needs of the customers. A normal waiting period after placing your order is around 5 minutes which is very fast when it comes to eating out in a restaurant. The restaurant is hygienic and while there is not much as far as decor and ambience is concerned, it offers you a pleasant dining experience.
The restaurant was started by Bedanta Bhagawati a few years back. Over the last couple of years, the restaurant has gathered a sizeable and dedicated clientele base of its own. With the owner being a keen photographer, the walls of the restaurant are adorned with his pictures which serve as a visual delight and also, at the same time, depict the rich culture of Assam and the Northeast. The restaurant had won the title of 'Best New Entrant' in the GPlus Food Awards held in Guwahati last year.
Raja Mircha is a must visit place when u get those pork eating cravings and don't want to spend much money and don't care much about ambience! It's also a great option as a take-away place... if pork is what u love. For those coming in four wheelers, parking might turn out to be a problem. But since that is the case with most eateries of the city, we don't think it is much to complain about. 
A regular customer Sandipan Borthakur said, "This is the perfect place to have a hearty meal at a pocket friendly price. This is my go-to place whenever I am in mood for a sumptuous 'thali' meal. Besides it provides some of the best pork dishes in Guwahati city. The outlet near GNRC hospital remains crowded generally but getting seats isn't something to worry."
Another customer Ankit Konwar termed the food of the place to be "authentically amazing"! He said, "The costing is very pocket friendly. It is a little chaotic but the service is really amazing. The items and the quantity of the food items are exceptionally great."