Eating Out



The food industry of Guwahati, especially the dining out sector in the form of restaurants and eateries, has blossomed by leaps and bounds. While the GS Road area has always been a hotspot of restaurants, a number of new eateries are dotting both sides of RG Baruah - the other main artery of the city. One of the most popular eateries in this area is Slice of Heaven.

A popular family restaurant, Slice of Heaven is known for its wide range of Chinese and Indian dishes. Located near the Jonali Bus Sto, it has steadily developed a regular clientele of its own. With a proper outside seating area as well as a neatly decorated recorated, this restaurant provides a neat package of both open and closed space dining.

The restaurant, in its present day avatar, is spacious enough and comfortable for a big family outing. The indoor restaurant is dimly lit and the tables are arranged in a nice layout. Books and posters adorn the walls. The ambience is soothing and the waiters know the dishes that they serve. Dressed in smart clothing, they wait on you with a sense of courtesy that appeals to your senses.

The outdoor area is popular among families and the younger lot. Since the place arrange group gatherings, it is a popular hanging out place as well as a preferred joint for parties and birthdays. 

While Slice of Heaven is a multi-cuisine restaurant, the place is better known for its Chinese fare. Crispy Chilli Corn and Chicken Gold Coin are dishes that should not be missed as it is nothing but sheer delight for the senses. While the appearance of the dishes not that appealing, the sauce served with it adds to the taste factor of the dish.

The prices are that of an average upscale casual restaurant so it doesn't burn a hole in your pocket. One can have a very nice experience here while dining out with their families at a very reasonable rate. So for all those who have not visited the place till now, this is definitely a place that you need to try at least once.

A customer Kaberi Saikia said, "This is a nice place.The interiors are done beautifully and the service is fine.The food was good, especially the naan which was soft.The other dishes were good too.We had Kadhai chicken,chicken gravy and Chicken butter masala. I would like to specially mention the Tandoori chicken because I loved it. It was the best one out of all the dishes. Lastly,talking about the prices, the place is quite affordable.You don't have to burn a hole in your pocket.I would recommend this place."

Another customer Gargi Deka said, I have been here many times. Strangely every time for parties. My favourite here is the red dip/chutney they serve along with their starters. That is very yummy. I feel like packing up that thing in bulk and bring it back home. The food is good. Even if it is not that wonderful, the ambience makes up for it. The ambience is comforting if u sit outside.”

One of the main things that diners take into account while choosing a restaurant is hygiene. On this front, diners need to remain rest assured as this is a very clean and well maintained restaurant.

In the food industry, it is very important to maintain one’s hard-earned reputation. A bit of negligence and loss in standards can spell doom for a restaurant. Slice of Heaven has managed to earn a good reputation and it should ensure that it maintains its standings.