Eating Out


The cafe culture is slowly picking up in Guwahati and a number of cafes have sprung up all over the city within a very short span of time. This is indeed a welcome development as a good café, where youngsters can meet each other or hang around with their friends, was sorely lacking in the city. 

One of the latest entrants in the café segment of Guwahati is Tall Boys Café. Located on the 3rd Floor of KB Commercial Building, Opposite Guwahati Club, this is café is quickly becoming popular amongst the youth of the city. The café was started by Tahzib Hussain, who is originally from the beautiful town of Jorhat in upper Assam but is now settled here in Guwahati. 
Dwelling on the reasons behind starting the café, Hussain says that the idea of starting a café was always there in the back of his mind. "After completing my education, when I decided to start my own business, entering the food industry by starting a café seemed very natural to me," says Hussain. Tall Boys Café was launched in February earlier this year. 
When asked about the increasingly noticeable café culture in the city, Hussain opined that a number of cafes are being launched so as to cater to the demands of the new generation. "Earlier there were not many cafes here in the city. However, many cafes have been launched in recent times. In fact, 2-3 cafes were launched after we started. The café culture is presently trending amongst the youth of the city," he said. 
Since it is located on the top floor of a building in one of the busiest thoroughfares of Guwahati, Tall Boys Cafe is not very prominent to the eye. But once you locate it, it is a quaint little cozy world of its world, perfect for one to relax over a cup of coffee or shake of your choice. 
The first thing that strikes one as he or she enters the place is the interiors. Although small in size, the management has made best possible use of the space. One gets a very positive feeling right from the moment he or she enters. The furniture is made out of recycled tyres - definitely a first in Guwahati! The seats are made of tyres, painted and tied together and capping it with cushions that gave the look of double layered Oreo biscuits! The walls have been painted by professional tattoo artists from the city. 
Talking about the furniture, Hussain says the basic idea was to spread awareness about recycling and use of waste material. "We have recycled scrap material for the furniture and we hope this spread awareness about recycling waste material amongst the people," says Hussain. The place has a beautiful and eclectic playlist of music which helps soothes one's senses. The café has a seating capacity for 24 people. 
Coming to the food, Tall Boys Café specialises in American and Chinese cuisine. As Hussain says, "We are a café and mostly concentrate on coffees and shakes. We have our own range of American and Chinese cuisine which are quite popular among our clientele". While the cooks are local, the café serves American and Chinese cuisine with its own signature touch. "Although the food is basically American cuisine, we have added our own touch to the dishes. For example, we serve a grilled salad and Nute sandwhich which I don't think is available in any other place in Guwahati," says Hussain. 
Giving his opiniong about the food, a customer Anindya Bikas Dutta said, "This is a nice place to head to, particularly if you want to spend some real good time. The place has a cool look to it and once you enter it, you start getting those good vibes. The menu is real expansive but I couldn't find any special dish on it. For food, we had Garlic Cheese Chicken Poppers and Veg Masala Sandwich. Both were real good dishes and I loved both. The Poppers could do with better sauce options, otherwise it was good, the garlic flavour being real strong (as I like it!). The Sandwich was good, they are a good spicy package, loved them! We also had Masala Chai and Coke. The Chai was passable. 
I didn't find the 'tyre for seat' idea much comfortable. The music played was okay!"
While customers are of the opinion that the management needs to work on their service front, the quality of the food served here is superb. Most of the customers who returned found the food to be quite delicious and well served. The pricing is also reasonable and is one of the reasons which make it popular amongst the younger lot.