Compassion is Therapeutic


 The very word 'compassion' reminds us of passion. But passion means a state of biological fever when we are almost possessed by biological, unconscious energies. Compassion is a stage when one has transcended biology and physiology, a state where one is the master and and not driven, pulled and pushed by unconscious forces. 

Passion is lust, compassion is love. Passion is desire, compassion is desirelessness. Passion is greed, compassion is sharing. Passion wants to use the other as a means, compassion respects the other as an end unto himself or herself. Compassion makes one a lotus; one starts rising above the muddy world of desires, greed and anger. Compassion is a transformation of one's energy.
Ordinarily we are scattered, fragmentary. Some energy is being absorbed by our anger, some by our greed, some by our lust, and so on. Compassion is a key word, but one will have to go into deep meditation to understand it. Meditation is the key to transform passion into compassion. 
Osho points out, "When passion becomes alert and aware, the whole energy of love comes to a refinement; it becomes compassion.Love is always addressed to one person, and its deepest desire is to possess that person. But the same is the case from the other side - and that becomes the cause of creating a hell.Compassion is not addressed to anybody. It is not a relationship; it is simply your very being. You enjoy being compassionate to the trees, to the birds, to the animals, to human beings, to everybody - unconditionally, not asking for anything in return. Compassion is a freedom from blind biology..….Things have gone so wrong, and the basic reason for their going wrong is that love energy has been repressed. Gautam Buddha's contribution is, "Don't repress your love energy. Refine it, and use meditation to refine it."
All that is ill in man(man implies humanity) is because of lack of love. All that is wrong with man is somewhere associated with love. He or she has either not been able to love or not been able to receive love. Not been able to share his/her being creates misery and all sorts of complexes inside. Those wounds inside can surface in many ways: they can become physical illnesses, they can transform into mental illnesses.But deep down man suffers from lack of love. Just as food is needed for the body, love is needed for the soul. The body cannot survive without food, and the soul cannot survive without love.
Only compassion is therapeutic - says Osho."You can also call compassion as a prayer. You can also call compassion as meditation. The highest form of energy is compassion. The word compassion is beautiful: half of it is passion - somehow passion has become so refined that it is no longer like passion. It has become compassion…."
In love, if we give something, deep down we go on expecting that it should be returned. If it is not returned, we complain. We may not say so, but in a thousand and one ways it can be inferred that we are grumbling, love seems to be a subtle bargain.
In compassion one simply gives. In love, we are thankful because the other has given something to us. In compassion, we are thankful because the other has taken something from us; we are thankful because the other has not rejected us. We had come with energy to give and the other allowed us, the other was receptive. 
Compassion is the highest form of love. A compassionate one simply showers because he/she has so much otherwise one will become burdened. Just like a cloud full of rainwater has to shower. The greatest anguish in life is when one cannot express, cannot communicate or share. The poorest man is he who has nothing to share, or who has something to share but has lost the capacity, the art, of how to share it.
The sexual man is very poor. The loving man is richer comparatively. The man of compassion is the richest; he is at the top of the world. He has no confinement, no limitation. He simply gives and goes on his way. He does not even wait for a thank-you. With tremendous love he shares his energy. This is what is therapeutic.
Buddha used to say to his disciples, "After each meditation, be compassionate because when you meditate, love grows, the heart becomes full. After each meditation, feel compassion for the whole world so that you share your love and you release the energy into the atmosphere and that energy can be used by others."
Compassion is unconditional. One cannot have compassion only for those who are friendly towards him or her, or only for those who are related to him or her. Compassion is all-inclusive. It has nothing to do with somebody in particular. It has something to do with one's inner state. 
Using stories from the lives of Jesus and Buddha and the world of Zen, Osho explained in many of His discourses how the path to authentic compassion arises from within, beginning with a deep acceptance and love of oneself. Only then does compassion flower into a healing force, rooted in the unconditional acceptance of the other as he or she is.
Compassion is the flowering and when compassion happens to one person, millions are healed. Whosoever comes around him is healed. Compassion is therapeutic.
Naina Rajkumari (Ma PremNaina) is associated with Osho World Foundation and travels widely facilitating workshops and seminars. Born in Jorhat, she was initiated into OshoSannyas in 2003 at Oshodham, New Delhi.