Work and Worship

Stress and work have almost become synonymous in the modern times. Working harder to get some benefits in the future has become the modern mantra - more money, more prestige, more likes on social media or even more relaxation avenues. We have become so accustomed to this future-oriented mind-set that we miss the present momentwhich is missingin our lives.

To learn and show respect for the uniqueness of ourselves and those around ushelps us to see the conditionings that we all carry about work. Meditation brings awareness and awareness can help bring a transformation to these sorts of conditioned attitudes. With awareness, we can respond to life rather than react to it with outdated patterns. It is a way to become more natural, creative and alive and to discover what has been forgotten.The focus should not be on what we are doing, but rather on how we do it. The point is to be total in our awareness and playfulness while working. As we develop the art of being present throughout the day, whether at work or at play, this knack becomes the key to transform everyday activities.
We often consider work in terms of prestige, "Who's got the better job" or "That's beneath me".
Work is something that weall have to do. It is imposed on us by our social circumstances, financial status, political structures, etc. But worship is that which we love to do. It is another name for creativity. Work with love is bound to become a form of worship. In worship, the worker is lost completely, only the worship remains. Digging a ditch in the garden or cooking food for those we love; if we are utterly lost in it that there is no ego or even its shadow left, we become our work, the worker and the work becomes one, then it becomes worship.
Osho explains, "Hindus worship in the morning every day, but then what do they do the whole day? It must be something which is not worship; otherwise there is no need to have a separate time, a separate place, a temple, a mosque, a synagogue, a church for worshipping.I want worship to become your 24 hour-a-day thing - just like breathing. It has to become existential. Then you don't need to go to any church or to any synagogue. Then, wherever you are,it becomes your temple, you are always on holy ground."
To make every action of our life holy and choose every action as if it were a love affair maynot make us very rich in terms of materialism.But richness will come to us in a totally different form: the richness of being blissful, contented, ecstatic.
We should choose our work, not according to others, but let it arise out of our own hearts. In any act, if our heart joins us, it becomes worship. If only the head does it, then it remains simply work. 
There is an old saying which goes, "All work and no play makes jack a dull boy." We all like to have holidays to relax. Does this mean that we can only enjoy our holidays only after we have really worked hard and feel that we deserve a day or two to relax and unwind? Technology and the globalization has changed the way we live and work. Doing the work we love, is the critical factor to personal fulfilment.
Creativity is the fragrance of real health. When a person is really healthy and whole, creativity comes naturally to him and the urge to create arises. Any creative day where we have done at least onecreative work gives us a sense of fulfilment and completeness.The work may not seem important and creative to others but if we love our work, then it becomes our most creative achievement. 
Osho says, "You should not do a work if you don't love it or feel disinterested in it otherwise it will be a sheer wastage of your time and energies and you will feel disillusionment. When you are doing a job you love and that suits your whole personality, your true self shines through."
According to a Christian parable, God created the world in six days and on the seventh day, Sunday, he rested. That rest was very beautiful because it was out of great creation. That rest-day was a fulfilment day.The parable has much significance. It says that we can have a rest-day only after creation. If we don't create anything, our life will be restless. Only after creating something we can rest because rest is a by-product. One has to be creative, feel contented and worthy, to allow oneself rest.
Ordinarily people can't allow a day of rest for themselves because they feel so condemnatory about themselves, they feel so unworthy because they have not done anything worthwhile, that they have not experienced any fulfilment and nothing has happened. Hence continuous occupation, continuous activity is needed. Many people go on dragging their work and life till the day they diebecause their work is not creative. 
Work is creative only when we love it, when we feel in tune with it, when we enjoy it, when it fits with one's being and there is a great harmony between the work and the worker.Once that happens, whatsoever we do is creative. When after each creative moment we relax, that relaxation is earned. 
It is irrelevant to be creative in the eyes of others, it is just to be creative in our own eyes in whatsoever we do. If we are not feeling fulfilled in something that we are doing, then it is better not to do it, because this will be a sheer wastage. A man who has lived according to his being, who has done his own thing, earns his death. When he dies, he dies fulfilled. He has no complaints. He lived the way he wanted to live.
Whenever we create something we participate with the creator, we become a small creator in our own right. If one enjoys writing a poem or singing and even if nobody likes or applauds it, that is irrelevant. If one enjoyed it, was happy, that moment he had participated with God, he became instrumental and allowed God to create a small song through him. It is then when one feels fulfilled. 
Time as holy opportunity, that is the meaning of holiday - a holy day, a day which is not profane, a day which is not ordinary. Once we know how to be creative, each moment becomes holy.
(Naina Rajkumari (Ma PremNaina) is associated with Osho World Foundation and travels widely facilitating workshops and seminars. Born in Jorhat, she was initiated into OshoSannyasin 2003 at Oshodham, New Delhi.)