One birth

Swapnajyoti Bordoloi
Jewels are hidden 
In the mountains beyond,
Hope to be free,
No matter what by morning.
Sleep lighter-than-air,
Wake up to your dreams;
The body needs to rest,
Not the soul!
When will you come back home?
Manas Ranjan Mahapatra
Silence hurts, let us start talking
Dear Kapil, when will you come back home?
Neighbours may be waiting for your return  
And, you have been roaming in the market since long
Tell us, what is today's rate of onions?
Your path of return is full of darkness  
Will you tell us, what you saw in the market?
Plunder at one place and Baba's blessed powders 
at the other 
and at places there are chants for the God
Well done, you saw everything and did not utter
a single word
those who raised their voices yesterday
have been banished today from the State
and thieves move in the disguise of police 
Wanted to go back to village
But don't you know,
your village have been eaten away by the 
smart city
see around, you will find slums, labourers, masters
and how shoes fit into the paws of leaders
What you saw in the lit fest that you went Kapil?
Votes decide fate of creations
and currencies  demark the boundaries of poetry
waste land of Almighty's  dear chairs
Silence hurts
and it pains to walk in an unknown route 
how useless are words in the merchant's world
Blind King in the Blind Kingdom 
and donkeys enjoy their time 
Why are you then moving 
throughout the hot afternoon Kapil, 
in so much sun and rain?
It's abnormally late now, dear
Let's go back home.
Translated from Odia by the Poet
Dr. Bhupati Das
I was born happy
I became unhappy
I am going to die one day surely
happy or unhappy cares who
how lucky are those
who say
given a chance to live life
all over again
they will relive their lives the same way
so why not
I change everything
maybe play more music, write more poetry
bunk some classes tease a few girls
grow a long, long beard, real unruly
while away some time thinking nothing
I am sick of living this way
to be always a good man
meet only others' expectations always
to claim an obituary where
they write
he died a good man
Oh God!
Banish that bind
I have seen
Ashwika Mahanta
I have seen a bee,
With a fractured knee.
I have seen a girl,
Her hair is curled.
I have seen a boy,
He likes a toy.
I have seen a sheep,
The sheep wanted to eat.
I have seen a rat,
Wearing a hat.
I have seen a snake,
It has no legs.
I have seen a bear,
Standing so near.
I have seen a shark,
The shark is dangerous.
I have seen a dog,
Sitting on the rock.
I have seen a cat,
Playing with a bat.