When you let me love you

Easterine Kire
When you let me love you
I feel powerful
like the sun and the air
like the rain that falls
over a new seed
When you let me love you
I stand back and proudly watch
you sprout and stretch
fresh limb branches into the sky.
Getting real
Easterine Kire
The people that I love
keep falling off their pedestals
and can't seem to
get back up again
but that's alright
that's quite alright now
This way
every fall
makes me love them as they are
warts and all
no magic to them
pumpkin people
at the stroke of midnight
arthritic and 50
and so, so vincible.
When will you come back home? 
Manas Ranjan Mahapatra
Silence hurts, let us start talking
Dear Kapil, when will you come back home ?
Neighbours may be waiting for your return  
And,you have been roaming in the market since long
Tell us, what is today's rate of onions?
Your path of return is full of dark  
Will you tell us, what you saw in the market?
Plunder at one place and Baba's blessed powders at the other 
and at places there is chant for the God
Well done, you saw everything and did not utter
a single word
those who raised voice yesterday
are banished today from the state
and thieves move in the disguise of police 
Wanted to go back to village
But don't you know,
your village have been eaten away by the smart city
see around ,you will find slums, labourers, masters
and how shoes fit into the paws of leaders
What you saw in the lit fest that you went Kapil!
Votes decide fate of creations
and currencies demark the boundaries of poetry
Waste land of Almighty's dear chairs Silence hurts
and it pains to walk in an unknown route 
how useless are words in the merchant's world
Blind King in the Blind Kingdom 
and donkeys enjoy their time 
Why are you then moving 
throughout the hot afternoon, Kapil, 
in so much sun and rain?
It's abnormally late now, dear
Let's go back home.
Swapnajyoti Bordoloi
Love roasted lips together...
The wasted sunset on 
Our soul beach;
Naked in the silence,
In her bosom,
I warn my heart not 
To be possessive...
Idiots dying because of 
When indeed in heaven!
And what is my religion?
Oh...madness it is!!
Kamal Kumar Tanti
I have seen myself everywhere  damp, wet
I am safe  do not worry my love
If you cannot understand yourself, do come to me
Even I cannot understand myself
Come, we will be a majority 
The pigsties will be unbarred
You wouldn't have to look for two roads, dear lads
Since there is just one way for you
No one remains enemy after you are in trouble
Nobody remains friend 
everyone's okay
You ebb with the flow 
invite trouble
I have seen myself everywhere 
juicy, sweet
I am not safe 
do not leave me alone, my love
You are busy with yourself 
self-involved bodies
I want to be lost
for me including me
The lovers are all in deep sleep
I want to
Die If I would just get to hell