The air

Swapnajyoti Bordoloi
I want to be only you, 
but can neither leave 
the Sewali flowers;
all wet... so shy!
I dance alike 
a tuned dervish;
It's 'Sharad Purnima,'
the monsoon's over,
my love harvest ready 
one more time! 
Death in Water 
Dr. Kamal Kumar Tanti
Without a word stops death, even if it is death 
Drowning in water
Man gulps water and life ends
It ends, bit by bit, ends
The inhale and exhale of breathing
For a fraction, there is a desire to see 
Your eyes
In the blue water, some men find death
Since for those people, life was not necessary
Oxygen is less in water
Still losing something to find something else
Men look for death
Death drowning in water
Hence, he searches the water for oxygen
A man's final duty
Without a word stops death, a man's death
With a blackened torso from the water returns the man
He is no longer human
He turns into a green body
Why the mirrors?
Swapnajyoti Bordoloi
Trust and faith,
Blood and milk,
You need them both 
Every single night and day!
Not a Godman
Or a play-actor outside,
But swim in your Invisible river of 
Light inside,
It's just alike
Blood pouring down 
Your nose and You blissfully 
Ignore it hoping to 
Beg your Godman 
For a remedy later to 
Keep the illness aside...
Or say any given day,
Rather than feeding 
A hungry child On the way,
You prefer to pour milk on 
Your deity instead and think 
It's the best believable 
Way to please the heavens 
And humanity!
Is it alright?
What you think You still have to 
Preach or say??
Heal thyself and try 
At best to heal 
A few others too,
Before it's too late and 
You have no more time
To count a night or day...!!
Dr. Kamal Kumar Tanti
I see a speck of dust 
On your dirty hands
The wind screams on my ears
Break, break
The speck crumbles and the soil 
Spreads in the air
I close my eyes
I open my eyes
Before me enumerable specks of dust
Stones, bricks, houses, columns, pathways
The dry leaves fly away
Blue birds on the branches
I walk on the pathway of stone
After a while static are my legs
Oh, stone Buddha of stony wisdom
Answer my question