Vaastu Rules for the Broomstick



Everybody hopes for a peaceful life, prosperity and financial stability. But it does not happen always. With utilisation of proper Vaastu, we can achieve most of it. It is interesting to note that many people still do not know the importance of the broom, which is an important tool of the household as far as cleaning is concerned. According to Hindu beliefs, Goddess Laxmi is closely associated with the broom. As she is associated with prosperity, she removes our poverty like the broom removes dirt. So one must treat it with utmost caution.

Some Vaastu rules for the broom must be followed by users so that peace prevails in the household and there is blessing from the Goddess Laxmi. It is said that the Goddess of Medicine Sitala Devi has the broom in her hands. 
Interestingly enough, lot of Shamans and ojhas use the broom to treat diseases by sweeping them over or on the patient's body. It is a crude form of healing but expert Pranic users apply this technique effectively on patients to remove diseased and negative energy. We use the broom to clear dust and dirty things, thereby making the home cleaner and hygienic.
Here are some rules about what to do and what not to do:
1.  NEVER sweep the house with the broom after sunset. Goddess Lakshmi becomes angry at this. The actual reason is that if some valuables are lying on the floor, they may get inadvertently swept away in the darkness.
2.  There should be a designated place to keep the broom. It should not be left haphazardly on the floor which may affect finances.
3. The broom should not be kept standing.
4.  The broom should not be kept in the Northeast corner. It should not be kept in the Southeast corner either. That is why it is forbidden in the kitchen as there may be germs, etc attached to it.
5.  Old and worn-off brooms should not be kept. The Saturday is the best day of the week to replace old brooms.
6.  The broom should not be visible when not in use. It should be kept hidden from eyesight
7.  As it is associated with Goddess Laxmi, one should NEVER step on a broom.
8.  The broom should be cleaned after using it. Keeping a dirty broom creates quarrels in the house.
9.  It is said that if you see a broom in your dreams, financial losses are indicated.
10. If you are shifting your house, you should NOT leave or throw away your old broom.
If you want to please Goddess Lakshmi, donate three brooms secretly to any temple during the early morning hours i.e. brahma muhurta. For this, the proper time must be consulted. It is more auspicious if it is done on an auspicious day like Lakshmi Puja or Diwali, etc. Buy the brooms one day in advance.
Sometimes we face problems and harassments despite doing well in life. The Vaastu has to be checked in such cases. A few changes here and there can change the situation.
1.  It is better not to keep the overhead tank over the house. A separate staging is better. But as it is not possible or viable due to lack of space and in case of tall buildings, the same should be placed away from the Northeast, East or North.
2. If you have musical instruments in the house, DO NOT hang them. Keep them on a mat or mattress only.
3.  The roof of the house should be kept clean. Unused and dirty items on rooftop breed negativity and mishaps may occur.
4.  If one happens to find money on the road, it should be thoroughly cleaned or washed and worshipped. This increases wealth.
5.  The ideal size of a plot or house is square or rectangular in the ratio of 1:2 in length and breadth. Whenever it is not so, a pomegranate (Anaar) plant should be planted at the Southeast of the plot.
It is said that the house is the temple for the inhabitants but there must be a designated place or puja room to worship.  If we do not follow the Vaastu rules for the Puja room, there may be adverse effects.  The following Vaastu rules should be observed without fail:
1.  In multi-storied houses of one owner, the Puja room should be in the ground floor only. There should not be a toilet right above the Puja room on upper floors.
2.  Do not keep 'live' idols in the Puja room where life has been induced or Pran pratistha has been done.
3. The idols should face West or South only.
4.  The Puja room should have windows and ventilators. It is better if natural light falls in the room.
5.  White is best for the colour of the Puja room. Light blue can also be used. Purple is said to be a spiritual colour.
6. If you wish to have a place for fire worship or Havan, the same must be placed in the Southeast only.
7.  If a water tap is provided to wash the utensils for puja, it should be in the Northeast corner, North or East.
The Sanctum Sanctorum is the innermost place inside the temple where the idols of deities is kept. This is also called the Garbhagriha. Only the priests are allowed to enter this area. But devotees are allowed in some temples to touch the holy water in the Sanctum Sanctorum. Vaastu has laid down some rules for this place too.
1.  The temple is a place of positive energy. The Sanctum Sanctorum is supposed to be full of it as God resides there. One should tread there with caution and with a positive mind.
2. Generally, the innermost area of the temple or garbhagriha is very dark. The smoke from burnt camphor is very good for the eyes, contrary to belief.
3.  If there is a platform or floor in the North, it should be lower than the Garbhagriha. If it is kept on a higher plane, debts will increase.
4.  The roof of the temple over the Garbhagriha should be dome-shaped or pyramidal to harness maximum cosmic energy.
Q. I have exchanged my old fridge for a bigger one. Where should I keep it? The kitchen is quite big as such.
N. Agarwal, via e-mail
Ans: It is not advisable to keep the fridge in the kitchen unless there is no other area in the dining or living room. The fridge should be placed along the southern or western wall so that it opens facing the North or East.
Q. My son has taken admission in Pune in an engineering college. At home, his room was at East and he was studying facing the East only. Now it may not be possible to do so in the hostel. What should be done?
Tarun Sarma,
Dispur, Guwahati
Ans: That can always be managed! Suppose his room is facing West and he gets a bed which is placed along the northern or eastern walls, he can pull his chair in such a way that he will be facing the East while studying! A wooden board should be procured to do the writing and other works if they have to be done on the bed. If his roommates do not object, the bed can be adjusted to fit the study table towards the East.