Curb your Expenses with these Vaastu Tips

 Isn't it strange that our income from the salaries we get is never enough? It gets depleted before one realises where the money has gone! Children's education, house loans, car EMIs, groceries, travel expenses and the spending list goes on and on. But with proper Vaastu planning, one need not worry about expenses.

How can Vaastu solve this perennial problem about expenses? Surprisingly, one can save more from their income by following the Vaastu rules provided below:
1. Wealth is ruled by Lord Kuber and Goddess Lakshmi. Both of them reside in the North. So make the place of keeping money or your riches in the correct position that is facing the North. Keep the valuables in the locker or almirah which opens towards the North. You will never run short of money.
2. Check leaking water taps. According to Vaastu Shastra, leakage of water amounts to leakage of wealth.
3. Broken utensils breed negative energy and hinder the growth of money. DO NOT keep broken glassware or utensils in the kitchen. Sell/exchange them for new ones.
4. The flow of water determines where your money is going too. DO NOT allow the waste water from the kitchen and bathrooms to flow towards the West and South. For houses having roads only at the South and West, direct the water towards the Northeast, North and East at first and then bend the drain or outlet pipe towards the direction of the final exit.
5. If any guest, especially a married lady, visits the house in the evening, NEVER send them back empty-handed. Offer at least a glass of water. They are supposed to represent goddess Lakshmi.
6. NEVER place a water tank or tap at the Southeast. If this becomes unavoidable, light a red bulb in the Southeast corner.
7. DO NOT sweep the house twice. While sweeping the house the first time removes dirt and negative energy, sweeping it for a second time will remove the positive energy as well. It is not applicable for public places, which are frequently visited by people.
8. It is very auspicious to find coins or flowers in the yard of a temple. They should be washed and kept wrapped in a red cloth in the puja or locker of your house. This is supposed to bring sudden money luck.
9. DO NOT buy any new items on Amavasya (Day of no moon). In fact, old items should be sold off on this day.
The number 7 is very auspicious as per Vaastu. The rainbow has seven colours. Hindus believe in the birth of seven lives. The Vedas and other scriptures talk about seven layers of our existence. Seven rounds are taken around the holy fire by married couples during weddings. There are also the mentions of seven holy sages (Saptarshi).
Vaastu experts say that the picture of seven running horses is very auspicious as it can check problems. The picture of 7 running horses is especially effective in combating loans, if kept in offices. It should be placed in the house and care should be taken so that the horses face inwards so that they look as if they are coming in.
People in debts should keep the statue of a pair of horses in the Northwest direction of their offices or homes.
Windows are also entry points for energy besides the doors. So it is important to have only positive energy inside the house and block negative energy from entering the house. So it is essential to construct the windows as per the norms of Vaastu Shastra. The rules for windows have been mentioned here:
1. Windows should open inwards like the doors.
2. The main objective to have windows in a house is to get air and light into the house. So they should be located accordingly.
3. The height of the windows should match that of the door.
4. Provide more windows in the Northeast, North and East.
5. Windows should be constructed in one line. DO NOT place them one over another or haphazardly.
Though it is an inanimate object, the car is an inseparable item in the household, just like a family member. While you might have noticed that some cars are lucky for some, certain cars give all sorts of troubles to the owner, despite being very well-maintained. Vehicles are also affected by the geo-energy. For that matter, all machines are also seen to react differently under different conditions. It is necessary to keep your car free from negative energy.
1. It is necessary and fashionable to have accessories in the car. Certain Vaastu and Feng shui items can enhance the energy of the vehicle. Yantras like the Sriyantra or the Maruti yantra and wind-chimes provide protection to the car, as well as the inmates. People keep small statues or photos of their deities on the dashboard.
2. While parking the car in the garage, make the car face the East or the North.
3. DO NOT park the car under a beam. Parking under the staircase is also not advisable.
4. It is best to park the car at the Southwest. Garages are also recommended at the Northwest and Southeast.
5. Keep the car clean. A dirty car reflects the mindset of the owner. If you are pressed for time, at least dust the vehicle or wipe the glasses before driving off.
6. Pundits have advised that some salt should be kept on a newspaper spread over the vehicle overnight to absorb negative energies. This should be thrown in the drain the next morning.
7. Feng Shui recommends a picture or tattoo of a dragon or rhino on the car which is supposed to be very lucky and protective.
After a certain age, almost everyone has to undergo lot of stress, which may give rise to physical problems like hypertension or high blood pressure. Excess body weight is also another reason. There are some Vaastu precautions for high blood pressure:
1. If you are having high blood pressure, DO NOT sleep in the south-eastern room. The fire element will raise the Blood Pressure of the inmate.
2. Sleep with your head towards the South. The geomagnetic field of the earth will be in harmony with the magnetic field of your body. This will control the circulation of blood.
1. Keep sea salt in a bowl and keep it in any corner of the house. This will help positive energy flow in the house. Change it when it becomes dirty.
2. Make sure that all the corners of the house gets sufficient fresh air and natural light. Provide electric lamps in corners where this is not possible. This removes Vaastu defects.
3. Face the East or North while eating. If you eat facing the South, there may be problems related to digestion.