If the Vaastu of the office or a business establishment is proper, then the results will be much better without much hard work. With improper Vaastu, all efforts might go in vain. So while going for a new premise for a new venture, it is most important to check the Vaastu of that place before making a huge investment. If the building is Vaastu perfect, the chances of running the business smoothly is much more. Some points to be kept in mind are:

1. See to it that the place gets plenty of natural sunlight and air. It is very important to have vacant space at the Northeast of the shop or office. A blocked Northeast will never yield good results.
2. There should not be any obstruction in front of the main entrance like a tree, pole or staircase.
3. The electrical panels, switchboards, generators or inverters, etc should be at the Southeast.
4. If a new staircase has to built for an office or shop, it can be built anywhere, except the Northeast.
5. The store to keep stocks and other items should be located invariably at the Southwest, South or West only.
6. The main door of the business establishment must open inwards. Doors opening outside bring losses.
7. The interiors of the shop should be painted with light colours. Dark colours absorb natural light which is not good.
8. Do not keep unnecessary items on your table. Always keep the table neat and clean, whether it is your office or a shop.
9.  If the premises is cow-shaped or Gomukhi i.e. narrower at the front and wider at the rear, it is not considered auspicious. It is better to have more frontage so that visibility of the shop is more.
10. Those dealing in precious metals like Gold or silver should NEVER paint the shop with red and orange colours. These colours are associated with the fire element, which destroy metals.
11. If a locker or chest is kept in the shop/office, it must open towards the North. It is best to face the North for business transactions. East is the next best direction.
12. If the salesman is facing the North, the cashbox should be kept on the left hand side and is he is facing the East, the cashbox should be on the right hand side.
1. DO NOT sit with your back to a window. Always sit with a solid wall behind your back. Whenever this is not possible, use heavy curtains or blinds on the window.
2. The main table in the office should be at the Southwest. There should not be a door at the back.
3. Sit facing the North or East in the office.
4. If you are having a computer or laptop, place it at the Southeast.
5. In offices, the monthly or annual target should be displayed at the North on a red notice board. This makes everyone alert and the target gets met sooner.
6. Keep a happy picture or item of your choice in front of your desk. This keeps your mind stress free and happy.
7. The seat at the office or shop must be comfortable. As one sits there for a long period of time, if it is not comfortable, one can develop back pains or spondylitis.
8. The table at the office should be slightly larger than required for the job. This makes things move faster. Round and oval tables should be avoided.
1. Do not sit under any beams.
2. There should not be a window in front of you. This affects concentration.
3. There should not be dust bin in front of the main entrance.
4. The centre or the Brahmasthan should be kept empty as far as possible. Avoid premises with a post, wall or pillar at the centre.
5. Costly items should be kept at the Northwest for faster movement.
6. It is very auspicious to hang nine leaves of the Ashok tree on the main entrance tied with a thread.
7. Feng Shui recommends a crystal Globe on the table at work which can be rotated. It should be rotated three times every day.
8. If you have an office room in your house, DO NOT keep it near the bedroom.
9. The interior decoration of the office must be carefully planned. The colours and furniture should be selected as per Vaastu only and placed accordingly.
10. The conference room should be at the Northeast, East or North and should be near the entrance so that visitors can go there without going inside the main office. If there is a board or projector screen for demonstration purposes, it should be placed at the East or North. The head of the office should occupy the position at Southwest.
11. The office should be well lit. It is better to have separate lights for every seat.
Every planet has been assigned a specific number. These planets have different effects on different individuals due to their cosmic powers and gravitational forces. Hence, numbers also have different effects on us. Every individual have different numbers according to their date of birth, year and the given name. Nowadays, people even plan the date of birth for a child according to a lucky date or number.
The House Number also has a bearing on the fate of the house. For example, if your House No. is 32, it means 3 + 2 = 5 i.e. the numerological number of the house is 5. If you are born on the 15th, your birth number is 6 which is ruled by Venus, a quiet planet. The No. 5 is ruled by mercury which is outgoing. This house number may not be lucky for a person having number as the birth number. So you may like to change the House Number to 6 or even 3 or 9, whichever are compatible.
A person does well in a place or town/city whose number is compatible with his/her birth number. Similarly, the name of a certain business also corresponds to a number. This number must be compatible with the owner of the business.
1. Persons with Number 1 does well in places with Numbers 1, 2, 4 or 7.
2. People having 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 9 should live in places having compatible numbers only. However, Number 5 people have the ability to mix with other numbers.
3. Number 4 and Number 8 people may find it slightly difficult to find places of their choice. They can change a letter or two in their name to bring it to number 1,3,5 or 6 which they will find easy to live in!
4. Numbers 3, 6 and 9 are mathematically such that their combinations will always be 3, 6 and 9 only. They will find places and houses with similar numbers that are lucky to live in.
5. People living in apartments should check the number of their flat with their own lucky number.
 Ancient Indian scriptures have recommended several ways to succeed in life and get your wishes fulfilled, which have no proper scientific explanation. These are based on lucky numbers, colours and items which are in harmony with the ruling planets or deities. Blessings from plants, animals and inanimate objects are also considered. Since most of them are easy to follow, one should try them if looking for a job:  
 1. Feed birds 7 different types of grains mixed together and visit a Ganesh temple.
2. Install and worship a picture of Lord Ganesha with the trunk on the right hand side on Ganesh Chaturthi
3. Donate black rice wrapped in a white cloth to Goddess Kali on a Monday.
4. Chant the seed mantra of Lord Krishna regularly for fulfilment of your wishes. It is "Sri Krishnaye Namaha". It should be chanted 108 times after taking bath.
Q. I have fixed a Swastika over the main door. Is there any particular day for doing so?
B.N. Goswami, 
via email
Ans: Yes. As it is considered lucky for the entry of Goddess Laxmi into the house, Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays are best for this purpose. Instead of one Swastika, fix/draw two Swastikas on both sides of the main entrance.