Confidence is something which gives us strength, courage, and enthusiasm in doing things. Without self-confidence, one is scared of losing or failure. It is said that what you think of yourself is more than what others think of you. When we start doubting our own abilities, the doubts get the upper hand. Interestingly enough, Vaastu can help boost one's self esteem and confidence by infusing a fresh lease of energy into the mind.



1. BRONZE WATER POT: Keep a bronze pot filled with water and place it under the bed. Red sandalwood can also be kept under the pillow to mellow down the temper and make the thought process of an individual straight.

2. SILVER POT: A silver pot should be kept under the bed to strengthen willpower. Silver ornaments can also be kept along with it.

3. COPPER POT: If one is found lacking in courage, gold and silver ornaments can be kept under the bed. A Copper pot filled with water can also be kept under the bed. These can remove/rectify defects in the horoscope.

4. SILVER FISH FOR LUCK: If a fish made of silver is kept near the head while sleeping, good luck comes on the way. You can also keep a silver fish in a pot filled with water.

5. THE EVIL EYE: Jealousy and negative thoughts of others can affect the well being of someone. To dispel the evil eye of others, an Iron pot filled with water should be kept under the bed for 21 days. The Neelam or sapphire stone can also be kept under the mattress.



Our body produces a hormone called Insulin which helps in assimilating the glucose in carbohydrates in our body, thus regulating the blood sugar level. It is produced by the pancreas and when it cannot be produced, sugar level increases causing diabetes. 

There is another type of diabetes in which the body cannot use insulin. Both types of diabetes can lead to chronically high blood sugar levels which lead to other complications.

If the Vaastu of the house is perfect, the inmates remain hale and hearty. Certain Vaastu defects can adversely affect the health and peace of the inmates.

Diabetes, blood pressure and Thyroid problems are very common nowadays. Though many will find it hard to believe, Vaastu Shastra lays down some remedies for diabetes!


n THE SOUTHWEST CORNER: According to Vaastu, defects in the Southwest corner may lead to blood sugar problems. If there are any wells, deep tubewells or other water bodies in the Southwest, the landlord or his wife are prone to diabetes because the pancreas of the Vaastu Purush is near the Southwest. There should not be any cut or depression here. The Southwest should always be high and heavy.

n THE BRAHMASTHAN: The centre of the house should always kept free and empty. If there is a staircase or storage in the Brahmasthan i.e the centre, there are chances of diabetes.

n EATING IN THE BEDROOM: Vaastu Shastra forbids eating in the bedroom as it is not good for health.

n WORSHIPPING THE SUN GOD: Those suffering from diabetes should offer water to the sun god and worship him. There is a miraculous reduction in blood sugar related problems if this is done regularly along with feeding monkeys.

n IRON ITEMS: Keeping iron or steel items in the Northeast can affect health. These should be removed immediately.

n TURMERIC: It has lot of medicinal properties. If one teaspoon of turmeric paste is taken in the morning, a lot of relief from diabetes can be achieved.



1. The Veena is a musical instrument which is displayed in the hands of Goddess Saraswati. It is her favourite instrument .Keeping a Veena at home will increase the intellect of the family members. The thinking will be clear. If you cannot afford a Veena, keep a picture with Goddess Saraswati.

2. Every household must have Ghee and the members must consume it regularly. Recently, a study has shown that cooking with ghee made from cow/buffalo milk is far better than the refined oil available in the market as they contain chemicals and preservatives. 

Ghee is also very important for religious rituals. Lighting a lamp with ghee can purify the atmosphere. However, people having high blood pressure or diabetes should consult a doctor before having ghee.

3. The sandalwood (Chandan) aroma can purify the air. Burning of incense sticks made of sandalwood is recommended by Vaastu experts for space cleansing. People wear chandan Tilaks on their foreheads for peace and prosperity.

4. It is said that honey can nullify some Vaastu defects. So honey should be kept at home. It is also required for many Indian rituals and pujas. It is also very healthy and can be used as an alternative to sugar as less quantity is sufficient. Consumption of raw honey has many benefits, including increasing insulin and decreasing blood sugar.

5. Water should be kept in an earthen pot in the Northeast. Offering water to guests is an old Indian tradition and it is said to have lot of good karma. Providing drinking water to birds can also generate good karma.




Q. I wish to construct a steel ladder to go to the terrace where the overhead tank is placed. Can I have it placed at the North?

Ashim Baruah, 



Ans: Yes. Ladders or staircases can be built anywhere except the Northeast.